He's Rough *mature content*

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He's Rough

Mature content


Niall:He locked your body beneath his putting each of his legs by your side,strong hands tightening around your hips holding you on the same place on the mattress.Harsh fragrance of alcohol lingered around your bodies as he pressed yet another sloppy kiss to your skin.He didn’t care about you,not at all;alcohol took over his veins making him feel nothing but possessiveness and the feel of satisfying himself as he roughly kissed you one more time. 

Zayn:Hands encircled your wrists pinning them above your head,smug smirk spreading over his lips as he looked at your naked body resting beneath him.Strong forearm held his body weight as he forced kisses to the lines of your neck then harshly sucking and biting already red skin wanting it to turn purple as the reminder that he did that,that you were under his power.He didn’t care about anything but satisfying himself and his own needs as he forced few more kisses ignoring your whimpers. 

Louis:Wasting no time,he swiftly pushed your body backwards,back soon hitting soft mattress beneath you knowing that it’s probably the softest feel that you’ll feel this night before he attacks you.He came closer,placing his body in between your spread legs leaning closer,forearms placing by the each side of your body as muscles flex holding you tightly on place before he roughly attacks your lips. 

Liam:It’s odd; he’s never been rough,not even close to it,but tonight it seemed like something strange hit him.He forcefully pushed your body to the bed locking it beneath the warmth of his,hands tightly holding your hips preventing you from moving.Jealousy was obvious as it took over his eyes not letting them look warm,chocolaty brown like they used to be before.Now all you could feel was his sharp touch against your skin. 

Harry: He forces hard, strong kiss to your lips as large hands caught hold on your shoulders pushing your body backwards so your back could firmly place to the wall behind you.Soft fabric of his shirt was swiftly pulled off revealing his long torso which you couldn’t even lie eye on before he pushed himself closer to you roughly gripping soft skin of your thighs encouraging you to wrap your legs around his waist.He didn’t care about you or about the red marks-which will later turn the purple color-he’s leaving as long as you’re there to make him feel good;that’s the only thing he wanted-to feel joy rushing through his veins.