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It's my first time to write a Fan Fic. This is supposed to be for JAMLI James Reid and Ann Li pero feeling ko mas bagay to for Kathryn and Daniel so tinuloy ko na lang yung story for KATHNIEL.  







"Just five more minutes... please Daniel nasan ka na ba?" 

Hays... di ko maiwasan tumingin sa paligid ko... this place is so perfect, candle light dinner, romantic music on the background... Everyone in this place are celebrating for the occasion.... why not? It’s February 14, Valentines' Day, an occasion for two people in love to celebrate.

"What am I doing here alone?" It's been an hour, He should be here by now or he should at least call me saying he can't be here. This is supposed to be a celebration, our anniversary. Urghhh... Tough having Daniel Padilla as a boyfriend.

== flashback == 

"Baby, artista na ako!" Huh ansabe?

"Artista?!" I asked him.

"Oo. May show na ako. Bakit parang duda ka? ha ha ha??" he asked me back smiling.

"Eh bakit bigla bigla yata??" What the heck is the matter with this guy? I took a closer look at him, is this DJ? My Daniel John Padilla?

"Uh wala lang.. sabi lang ni mommy i-try ko since she and dad used to be in showbiz.." he answered

"Yeah right DJ, you're so in to these stuffs!" I add sarcastically. "You don’t even want pictures of you being taken, you find that weird right? And now this? Showbiz, Acting!" teka lang may mali ba o over reacting lang ako...

"Baby, it's just for fun. What do you think?"

"Uh-huh?" yeah for fun pwede nga naman...

"Maybe I can meet new friends at syempre kailangan ko ipakita sa lahat na pogi ako heheheh." kahit kailan talaga ang yabang mo Daniel Padilla. "Anywho... come on let's watch a movie. We haven’t gone out on date since forever!" O.A. nito talaga...  naging busy kasi ako sa school exams ko kaya nawalan ako ng time sa kanya.

"DJ, seriously you're overreacting!" he can be so funny acting like a kid kapag nagtatampo.

"Hmp... know what? My girlfriend's so busy with her stuffs. She couldnt take good care of me... Kawawa naman ako...!” then he hugged me from behind.

"Awww... DJ, you can really be sweet! I really love it when you hug me like this...”

"I can do this forever... hmnn..."

"Awww... I love you Yabang...!" yan ang pet name ko sa kanya

"Silly, dont call me that, hahaha... And I Love you so..."

== end of flashback ==

"Can I take your order now?"

"Uh... thank you but I’m still waiting for someone." I told the waiter.

It was his 5th time approaching me, Daniel... seriously where are you?

Daniel luckily got his fame on showbiz not because his parent used to be in that business but because he proved to people that he can act. Ang galing kaya ng boyfriend ko!

He was tagged as the mysterious guy on showbiz kasi madamot sa ngiti si Daniel and girls swoon over that! To may uhm... dismay... hehehe. He got his own fan page on facebook, the man got a lot of fans, some are sweet others are crazy, also love teams are building up for him like Zharmiel it's Daniel and Zharm and meron pa Julniel Julia and Daniel What the heck?! Why not make it KATHNIEL? Kathryn and Daniel sure look and sound good together! hahahah...

We've been together even before he entered showbiz we we're the typical boyfriend-girlfriend. We fight, argue, and goofed around together, minsan sweet like the normal teenagers. I'm so happy for his success but at the same time miss him like crazy!

Sa sobrang hectic ng schedule nya hindi na kami nagkikita masyado. Lagi na lang tuloy ako pumupunta sa mga mall shows niya without him knowing, nanunuod nakikikilig sa mga girls and I wanted to tell them that that guy over there is my boyfriend but I can't baka sabunutan pa nila ako... I love my hair eh! j/k

There were times I would cry for I know it was hard for him to keep up with all his schedule and alam ko pagod siya I can see thru him na he's exhausted, everything was all new to him, he's a very private person way back, but now the whole Philippines know all things about him, all except about me, about us. His manager suggest not to tell anyone about us, it was for my sake so I can remain private, so crazy fans wont bash me.

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