chapter 19

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after i finished the project with ray i went home. i am gonna get my ass beat. i got to the the door took a deep breath then opended it. the smell of coke, weed, vodka and beer hit my nose. i close the door and set my back pack down. I still stand by the door. i turn my head in different directions but still i dont see her. i walk quietly to my room. as i pass her room i hear a chuckling bead creaks and moans. aww shit a FUCKING SEX PARTY. GROSS. i turn around to my room and walk in i sit on the bed and look out into the neighborhood. im scared. does God not like me? Does he want my life living hell? ugh i cant blame god for my problems i can only blame myself

mom: so u think u can steal from me

me: no


me: i dont suck dick

mom: DONT TALK BACK TO ME. come in here u guys

6 males came in here once the saw me they took off there clothes and started jacking off. eww please dont tell me this sex party is for me and just turned into an orgy. i feel like a thristy hoe well technically im not right since im being forced? i guess but still.

mom: since u wanna act all bad and shit how bout ur favorite activity giving head

she put them in a line told the first person who was a dude who was 30 or in his 40's to lay on the and open his legs. he kept starring at me sexually make me very uncomfortable then he stroked his dick slowly licking his lips.

mom: suck till he comes. have fun

she smiled evily then walked out the room leaving me here with these thirsty ass men eye rapping me. im not candy im more like a walking stem you found on the sidewalk. i never really thought of myself as sexy i dont like that word because every time someone says that its a fucking old person raping me. so yeah.

dude: suck this dick

he gave me a scary look with a look of lust also. i was scared out of my mind i turned to him and hesistantly went down to his dick then he removed his hand and i stroked slowly.

dude: i said suck not stroke

i opended my mouth and took him in my mouth going slow gliding my tounge side to side

dude: UGH babe go faster

he placed his hand on my head and i went faster while i had one hand his thigh and the other on his dick.


as he stturtered his words his dick swelled up and he came shooting at the back of my throat. ugh i hate having to be forced to please old guys needs. like um honey im not a prosistue u can call up one of ur hoes from the street u r age and have them do that. not a bulimic 16 year old who already has enough problems being abused at home by his own mother.

dude: UGH thanks babe

he pushed my head from his dick and kissed me then pushed me on the bed as he got up and went to the guys then they formed a circle whispering but i heard something i wish i havent heard

dude: how about one of us shove our dick in his ass as he sucks us off???

NOOOO i dont wanna please let this be a dream. wake up chresanto come on wake up. WAKE UP NOW PLEASE.

all dudes: yea

they all turned to me and smiled evily then if it was like they planned this all of their dick sprang up.