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Darkest Desires



Story will be taken down. Explanation is in chapter 47 so I suggest you read that one first before you continue. Thank you. Any problems, mail me or post on my wall.

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"Are you ready to talk about it now?"

"Talk about what?"

The lady sighed. "You can trust me Jackie. What you say today or tomorrow won't leave this room. I promise you that."

Two months she's been coming in here. Two months since that awful night; the night that changed her whole life. Losing her innocence was hard. It was when she lost her mate that hurt the most. The pain of being rejected by your own mate in front of the whole pack, exiled to live life on your own, was painful.

"I do trust you," she whispered, "but it's ... hard."

The lady in front of her nodded. "I can help you Jackie. We can help you."

"I don't know ... I'm scared."

Jackie watched as the doctor, Inida Shadowolf, walked over and sat beside her, leaning in to give her a hug. She cowered, fear choking her at the thought of being touched again. No matter how many times she tells herself that they weren't there, that they wouldn't hurt her again, the fear was there, always creeping up on her whenever someone stands too close to her or even tries to touch her.

Inida sighed and dropped her arms. "Take your time."

Jackie took a deep breath as she thought about that night ... thought about her whole life. "It was at Dimitri's - my mate's - party ...

Chapter 1:

Jackie walked in to her mate's house, excited for the night. She was finally sixteen, the age where wolves meet their mate. She's only been sixteen for two weeks now, and they have been the best two weeks of her life. Dimitri had started courting her, getting to know her. It was pure bliss. How some girl like her even managed to grab a wolf like him, considering he was next in line to become Alpha, was unbelievable. It was unusual for a female wolf that has no Alpha blood in her, to mate with an Alpha male. But Dimitri didn't care; all he wanted to do was get to know her. And he did, they both did.

Walking in, she was hit with the smell of booze and smoke. Everywhere she looked, kids that were both her age and older, were either hooking up or grinding against one another. She shivered. The only person that she wanted to get up close with was her mate ... who wasn't here. Moving in some more in to the house, she searched for him.

"Hey short stuff."

Jackie turned at the sound and tried to smile. His breath was laced with alcohol. She didn't like it one bit. Smiling, she tried to remember his name. Lance? Lucky? Larry? Oh yes, Larry. "Hey Larry."

He smiled at her. "Jackie! What's a poowedy girl like you walkin' around all on your lonesome self?"

"Oh, I'm looking for Dimitri."

"Ah, yes, the birthday boy. He's in the kitchen with some of the kids from school."

Nodding, she headed towards the kitchen, butterflies fluttering in her stomach at the thought of seeing her mate again. Even though it's only been a few hours since she'd last seen him, she missed him like hell.

Nearing the kitchen, she heard wolf whistles and boys shouting in encouragement. Curious, she walked in slowly and glanced in to the kitchen. And stopped.

Up on the kitchen bench was her sister, Hailey, with her legs wrapped around Dimitri's waist with their faces glued to each other. It didn't take a five year old to guess what they were doing. Hailey's fingers were wrapped around Dimitri's head, her fingers twirling his dark blonde locks. More whistles were made, but she didn't hear anything. All she could do was stare ... and stare at the two of them, her heart breaking.

Her wolf howled in anger as she watched through Jackie's eyes. Wetting her suddenly dry lips, she tasted salt, realising that while she was standing there watching them, she had started to cry. But no one paid her any attention. Their main focus was the two glued to each other on the kitchen bench. A sob escaped her throat, catching the attention of her sister.

When Hailey looked up, she smiled at Jackie, confirming her worst fears. Hailey had done it on purpose. All her life, her older half-sister had gone out of her way to make Jackie's life a living hell. Encouraged by their mother, Hailey not only teased her, but beat her as well.

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