Viperous Rose {A Harry Potter Fan Fiction} Book 1


The halls and corridors were silent and motionless as faint rain pattered lightly on the dull windows fixated high up the grey stone walls. Night had fallen severely and every student in Hogwarts was now in deep slumber. A flash of lightening outside lightened the dim hallway for a split second, revealing nothing. Not even a shadow lurked in the dark deserted corridors.

The rain began to pelt harder and another flash of lightening showed a large, long dappled creature that slithered slowly across the limestone floors. Its scales were monstrous and its narrowed eyes glowed in the shadows. Inconspicuously, it curved around the corner and disappeared out of sight, its automatic hissing silencing.

There was yet another flash of lightening, followed by an ominous clap of thunder, and at the other end of the hall a scrawny, mousy brown cat that had incredibly thick and ragged fur and nothing but two crooked whiskers upon its face. Its yellow eyes gleamed, staring unblinkingly down the foyer into utter darkness, trying to catch any sign of movement. It's tail flicked in irritation, noticing a figure move at the other end of the hall. Instantly the cat jumped up in all four paws and trotted away to find its master and report the sighting.

Unfortunately, the flicker it had seen was actually Severus Snape, the potions master of the school of Hogwarts. He rushed, neatly darting through the vacant halls and corridors, his black long robes sweeping across the stone floor. His long face was set as a frown; this was a neutral expression. His black beady eyes were watching ahead cautiously. He took sharp turns around corners, being careful not to make such a commotion and striding in the murky shadows.

Turning yet, another corner, he spotted the outline of two figures standing in the middle of the hall, murmuring amongst themselves. He strolled toward them without hesitation and the two figures looked up at him. One of them was a tall, thin, old man with an incredibly long silver beard and hair. He wore long colourful robes hidden behind and dark lilac cloak that very much, matched his pointed hat. His eyes glinted electric blue as he spotted the approaching man through his rounded spectacles. He glanced from Albus Dumbledore to Minerva McGonagall, the stern woman beside him, who glared impatiently, her lips pursed tightly.

"Severus," Dumbledore rasped, "did you bring the infant?"

"I managed to take the child without any dilemma," Snape informed, his voice was drawling and deep, anybody would truly think that his heart was sinister. He pulled a bundle of blankets from his black cloak and handed it to McGonagall, who took hold of it more gently, peering softly down at a newborn girl. She lay awake, glancing around with large green eyes. Bits of coal-back hair sprouted from the infant's head and remained completely silent. There was something else, wrapped within the blankets, that was glinting in the dim light; it was a necklace with a silver chain that had a small glowing amulet fixed onto it. It was a detailed snake wrapping itself around a shiny grey rose and it looked old and fragile. The newborn's large green eyes, suddenly turned a faint yellow as it gazed aimlessly up at the ceiling of the hall.

The woman looked up in surprise. "Is she charmed? Her eyes changed colour. She's awake, but doesn't appear to be fazed by anything. She's completely silent. Perhaps we should take her to Madam Pomfrey–"

"Her behaviour was the same went I retrieved her," Snape scorned, ungratefully.


"Minerva," Dumbledore interrupted, kindly, "I truly know how strongly you feel about all of this. Severus has assured you that the girl is quite alright. It is, now, that we need to decide where to place her in life."

"Somewhere out of You-Know-Who's reach," Minerva McGonagall insisted, her eyes wide but severe.

"Precisely," the wise elderly man agreed.

"May I suggest, putting her in the care of another wizard?" Snape recommended, "It would be a pity, forcing her to live with Muggles, without a clue of the Wizardry world."

"That wouldn't be the safest option," McGonagall said, harshly, "Albus? Surely, you can't be thinking of putting this child where she might accidently use magic against the ones she loves. With Muggles she wouldn't even be acquainted with magic."

"Although," Snape gritted his teeth, "Placing her with defenceless Muggles, when You-Know-Who is looking for her now. You'll be regretting even considering it."

"Very well," the elderly man nodded, "Severus's suggestion will be in order. I shall find a laudable wizard to care for the girl. But, let me assure you Minerva, this infant will grow a kind heart. She will not be dangerous to anyone, no matter who her father is."

A wide dark grin curled upon Professor Snape's lips as Dumbledore gently took the small girl from Professor McGonagall's arms. She opened her mouth in protest but the wise wizard was already walking away and Snape trailing in the other direction. She had a terrible feeling about the outcome of this decision.


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Dakota Fanningas Viperous Rose
James Phelpsas Fred Weasley
Oliver Phelpsas George Weasley
Elle Fanningas Elysia Riddle
Daniel Radcliffeas Harry Potter
Emma Watsonas Hermione Granger
Rupert Grintas Ron Weasley
Tom Feltonas Draco Malfoy

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