One Shot (txt Soft copies)

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.14:03 – 14:33(@CorrectionFluid)

A Dedication (Marieaphrodite)

A Fan Girls Wish (@PiNK_RoYaLTY)

A Resemblance of True Love (@its_me_bloom)

A Screen Away (@HaveYouSeenThisGirL)

A Thousand Crush (@TrinieFangs)

Akala Mo Lang

Always The Secret Lover

And this Love Waits (Compilation of one shots)

 A/N:  Guys basahin niyo po ito, grabe. Ang cute ng mga one shots..

A S D F G H J K L (Summerlove_Xo / Katriel)


Bakit Mo Ako Nilista? (@Filipina)

Ba't di ko nasabi (@ruville_24)

Breaking Up With A Gangster (One-Shot) [@ashirk29]

Bulong (@CorrectionFluid)

Can You Be My Girl Friend

Cellphone @(LollieDaphnie)

Compilation (Me) Makiki-epal po muna...

Compilation [one shot stories] (@Sparkloon)

Compilation One Shot Stories (@LazyKiddo)

Courting Him (@sparksfly14weh)

Dear Crush (@Mae_Rawr)

Dear Ex (@sparksfly14weh)

Destiny (@weifiwafer)

Di ko siya Girlfriend (@sparksfly14weh)

Diary ng Ambisosya (@RedPretender)

Diary (@Mae_Rawr)

Erased Feelings (@ruville_24)

Failed Vengeance [redRoseVamp01(reddishapple)]

Fantasy (@Mae_Rawr)


First Love (@whenitcomestolove)


Gitara Gitara Gitara (@Alyloony) - Ideshii

Gitara: Kailan (@Alyloony)

Gusto Ka Din Pala Niya (@Filipina)

Happy Birthday (@Filipina)

He is Offline [@HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Denny)]

He’s a Kidnapper ( @Alyloony)

He's Definitely A Superstar (ONE SHOT) [@sjmcarmenta]

Hey! Mr. Rebound ( @Alyloony)

Hi ( di ko po alam writer)

His Handwriting (@ruville_24)

His Poser Girlfriend (@Septieme)

I Flirted, I Kissed and I Fell (@its_me_bloom)

I Lost my Chance (@iHoonyYou)

I Love That Fast Food Chain (@PollyNomial)

I Told Yah (@pricelessfeelings)

I’l Be (@pricelessfeelings)

Invisible Magic (@VirusError)

Is the more you hate the more you love? (ghefrancisco)