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Because you're worth it (boyxboy)


I woke up in my room, on my bed, at half eleven the next morning. I groaned as I sat up, my head better but my face and jaw aching. I stumbled into the shower and then dressed, going downstairs to greet everyone.

It seemed like Ben had woken up and gone home. When I worriedly asked, Ellie confirmed this and told me he was perfectly fine. Relieved, I phoned him and we both kept on asking each other if the other was okay.

No one had yet asked me how I got these injuries, but I knew it would come. The truth was, I was more hurt about the fact that some people had the indecency to hate on someone's sexuality than the fact that I'd had a glass shattered on my shoulder. It sickened me, how rude people could be, how ignorant.

Gay love was still love, right? Why couldn't a guy find another guy attractive, or a girl another girl? What was so wrong with it? If god was against it, why did he put guys and girls like me on this earth anyway?

Sighing, I hugged the sofa cushion to my chest and stared miserably at the TV. The door between the kitchen and the living room opened, and I glanced up to see Suzy smiling at me.

"I'm glad you're okay, Tyler," she said, giving me a huge hug as she sat beside me. "We were so worried about you. When Evan came back with Ben, everyone panicked and Evan literally sprinted back to get you. He's so sweet, and totally hot," she added as an afterthought, and I smiled.

"I know," I replied, before my smile dropped a little as I thought of those bastards again. I stared miserably ahead again and Suzy hugged my arm.

"Tyler, what's wrong?"

Before I could reply, the door opened again and Ryan and Dale stepped through.

"Right, tell us who the f-ck did this and we'll go punch the shit out of them," snarled Ryan angrily, while Dale stared coolly ahead, obviously just as pissed as Ryan. I pulled my knees to my chest, staring up at them.

"I don't know who it was," I said sadly to Ryan, and he scowled and folded his arms.

"But why...?" asked Ross as he came in, his arm around Ellie's waist. I bit my lip and buried my face in my knees, not wanting to answer. I felt someone sit beside me and wrap an arm around my shoulder. I could tell it was either Dale or Ellie as they were the gentlest.

"It's okay, Tyler," Ellie whispered softly beside me. "You can tell us,"

I nodded, my mind going back to last night when he insulted us, called us names. I took a deep breath and mumbled,

"Because they didn't like us,"

It seemed they didn't get it, as no one replied. I sighed, and the frustration I felt at those pricks just exploded.

"They don't like f-cking gays," I snapped angrily, sitting up properly, tears stinging my eyes. "Apparently they don't agree with love, even the homosexual sort. Apparently, I'm disgusting and a pussy. Apparently, I'm not wanted by some in this world who are too shallow to see that gay love is still love,"

After my rant, the tears started falling down my face and Ellie crushed me into a hug. Other than my sobs, there was silence in the room. I wasn't entirely sure why I was crying. Was it because some people were so superficial, or because I was a victim?

There was a distant knock on the front door, but I ignored it as I pulled away from my sister. Everyone's eyes were upon me, anxious, concerned. I took a few deep, shaky breaths and ran my hands through my hair, still crying a little.

A couple of people looked around as someone entered but I still ignored them, feeling deflated and upset. It wasn't until Ellie moved and my siblings shuffled out of the room, mumbling excuses, and the sofa sank down beside me that I looked up.

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Logan Lermanas Tyler Fox
Chad Michael Murrayas Evan Gallagher
James Marsdenas Dale Fox
Jesse McCartneyas Ben Barratt
Gaspard Ullielas Ryan Fox
Emma Stoneas Megan Turner
Bonnie Wrightas Charlotte Morgan

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