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Sophia Rose


Sinister shadows flickered across the gloomy hillside; lightning shot across the shady night sky, the lake lay before me not a droplet disturbed. The trees blew like giant skeletal hands reaching out to pull me into their deadly embrace; I shivered, not from the cold but from the bleak scene which lay before me. Violent winds blew, howling at me, screeching with their terrible cries, the stillness of the inky black sky was disturbed by the invisible creatures which patrolled the skies, searching for their next victim. I stifled a scream as it became too much, my heart beat faster and my eyes grew wide in terror, it was too much to bear and I ran from my place on the hillside, towards the only place that would get me away from here, the old hut atop the hill. The ancient piece of architecture was surrounded by a broken wooden fence, parts of it did not look like it was through age though, more like something knowing away at it... it had several evil looking stone gargoyles with burning crimson eyes all sat atop stone pedestals with strange engravings carved into the sides. The hut itself was only built from flimsy wood, its windows were boarded up and there were many cracks and holes in its walls and roof, it was deserted. I sprinted up the hill not daring to turn around, not wanting to know what could be creeping up the hillside behind me, what monstrosity could be coming to get me, I shivered and increased my speed, vaulting over the decaying fence, and then I stopped. I saw a movement at the edge of my vision, I cried out and spun around, a shadow flickered past the fence, another across the empty hillside, I ducked behind a stone pedestal, and there was nothing upon it. I shivered and my eyes darted around the garden, all the pedestals were empty. I squealed again and noticed the engravings; they read “All who look upon these effigies shall perish at my hand.” I threw my head back and screamed again, darting away inside the deserted hut.

I slammed the decaying door behind me and pressed my back against it in a hope to keep it shut, my breathing slowly levelled out; I was safe, for now. I scanned around the tiny room, everything was covered in dirty white sheets, no one had been here in a very long time. I left my place and cautiously wandered around the room, a huge BANG echoed out around the deserted hut, I froze, I was trapped. I dived behind a piece of decaying furniture and my breathing increased, my heart pounded against my chest and I stifled a scream. Thud, whatever was there was getting closer, Thud, it echoed out again, closer this time, Thud, I clambered further into the shadows, Crash, the creature was in the room, I screwed my eyes shut in an attempt to block out the fear which slowly crept through me, the dark seemed absolute as it curled around me, pulling me into its dark embrace.

 The light ebbed away as the creature came closer, the blood pounded in my ears as the moon light shone in through the boarded windows, the creature was bathed in an eerie light, the creature screamed its terrible roar, and before I could stop myself I let out a piercing cry, the whole world seemed to stop and listen and then the monster turned, he stared at me, seeming to see right through me, he saw my memories, my life, my secrets never to be told, he knew everything about me in that one second.

 It lurched towards me and I cowered away and shouted a plea “Please, don’t hurt me.” The creature stopped and crouched down; it leaned towards me and spoke for the first time in a voice as old as time itself and in it echoed the whispers of a thousand ghosts “What are you doing here!”

 I stopped my shivering and leaned forward, I stretched out my hand and touched the beast, it did not snap or pull away but just answered slowly “I am Lucian and you are?” I shivered at the memories of the creature and answered “I am Sophia Rose.” The beast nodded curtly “Well I’ll be off then Goodbye” he ended our brief conversation and got up and made to go outside “Wait!” I shouted “You can’t go outside, there is something out there.” He stopped “Could it be an owl?” I sneered “Don’t be stupid, I’m serious.” He sighed and replied in a mocking tone “Does baby need someone to look after her?” I laughed sarcastically and turned away, a loud thump came from outside, I turned and grabbed Lucian’s arm, “We have to get away from here, please come with me” I pleaded; he nodded again and then slowly followed me down to the basement.

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