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ok so the wattpad app now allows Italic and Bold fonts so I will be using them to my advantage now hyfr

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Chapter Thirteen - Natalie

Lucy grabbed my wrist straight away, leading me towards the ladies room. I quickly stepped over the broken glass, trying my best to keep up with Lucy who had now started to sprint towards the door.

She pushed the door open, and in one swift movement, tugged me in and slammed it shut. Thankfully, there was no one else but us in the washroom.

She moved over to the sink, running her hands frantically through her hair multiple times, pacing back and forth. After a few stressful moments, she turned to face me, her face red and smothered with confusion and worry.

Most of her expression was more of a what the hell are we supposed to do now kind of look, and I wore the exact same one on my face. She dropped her hands to her waist, pulling at the sides of her skirt.

"This is fucked," she mumbled. "We have the absolute worst luck in the entire world."

My heart was beating insanely fast at the sight of the four boys promenading their way through the crowd and towards the stage. Thankfully, they hadn't seen me or Lucy. The sound of her crashing bottle had been masked by the blaring of the music, and our escape was merely a small shift of movement inside the immense crowd of dancing people.

"They can't just be here." I said.

"Do you think they're plotting something against us?" She asked, picking at her lips with her index finger and her thumb.

"No no no," I sighed. Logically, we just have terrible luck. That's how things seemed to have rolled out, and to sound philosophical, I plan on following them simply because that's probably how it was meant to be. "It's not a plot, it's bad luck."

"Well I would like to know when the good luck jumps in, because right now, I'm about to pop."

She started pacing again, back and forth in front of the sink, to the wall with the paper towels, all the way to the door. From stall to stall, across all of the small floor tiles. Her heels were clunking against the shiny flooring, causing me to quickly get irritated.

"Do we leave?" She asked me, bringing her pacing to a halt. I sighed in relief as the clunking stopped.

I shook my head, frowning slightly. "No, we stay."

She paused for a few seconds, mentally deciding to stay with me or leave. She brought her fingers up to her lips and started picking at them again, tapping her chin with her ring finger.

I didn't want to leave at all. I wanted to stay, and hopefully find some kind of answer out of all of this mess. Maybe I would get an apology out of Niall, maybe I would get another uproar of terrible situations. I didn't really know, and that's what kept me persistent. I just hoped Lucy wouldn't contradict me.

"Yeah, okay. We'll stay." She said, I sighed in relief once again. My shoulders relaxed. "But one move out of any one of them and I am out." She pointed to the door.

I nodded my head, biting my bottom lip. "Same here, don't worry. We're on the same page right now."

She nodded her head in agreement, pursing her lips. She dug into her purse and fished out her phone, checking the time. "The band should be starting right about now, wanna go see?"

"This is what I came here for." I said, pushing open the door. I hadn't realized how muffled the noise was in the bathroom compared to how loud it was out here. I stepped out, leaving the smell of antibacterial hand soap and toilet bowl cleaner, to meet the unforgettable smell of alcohol, sweat, and what I thought seemed to be pizza.

We made our way down the hallway to the bar to find that our seats were still empty, but Lucy's broken bottle had been
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Hannah Murrayas Natalie Richardson
Niall Horanas Niall Horan
Phoebe Dykstraas Lucy Stone
Kat Grahamas Mia Washington
Colton Haynesas Jacob DeLacey
Zach Roerigas Garrett Cassidy
Aaron Johnsonas Robin Woods
Mike Vogelas Derek Miller

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