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Blood & Wine



Fire Alarms

Sneaking a kiss

Melting in your arms

Liquid heat

Fire alarms

Spilling out

All over you

Slowly covering

Every inch of you

You bathe

In my essence

In the candle light


Souls uniting


Right here, right now

It's meant to be

Pour me

Into a cup


Drink me up

Allow me

To soak

Into your skin

That you may hold

Me from



Beneath The Cloak

I regret how sick I've become

I should turn you lose

Let you find another one

It isn't right how I tear out your heart

Every day a new scar

Slowly, I pull you apart

You watch everyday

As I weaken and drift

I am pulled

Into the avast, a large gray mist

The crossroad between souls and life

Idly I sit by the wayside

With others who are here too

We chat, plot and plan

We figure out ways to fight

Willing to do anything to end our plight

But Alas!

Nothing seems to help

Death is calling

His bite feeding on my soul

He is Count Dracula

The Noise in the night

Once he finds a way in

He holds on tight

Growing on fright

Don't let me drag you into this world

Go while you can

Take our love with you

Run, run! Run!

As fast as you can

Follow the light

Close his cloak

Smash the fingers

Which reach out to choke

Don't be pulled in

Never return

Find a new love


Blood & Wine

Spirits calling to take me away
Time draws near
Heaven’s angels begin to cry
Raindrops falling thick with tears
Making love on a bed of leaves
One last time
Before I am forced to leave
To a lowly forbidden place
Destiny planned before my time
Fire mixed with the blood and wine
I hear them chanting out my name
The curse lifted off this land
My soul washes with the rain
Mixing in with the sand
When you need me
I will be the wind
I will live inside a castle
That you make out of sand


Meet In A Dream

Dream of you

Dream of me

Reaching out

Across the sea

Lighting a candle

Myrrh and frankincense

Calling you to me

Burning incense

Under a spell

Hypnotic pleasure

Bringing us together

Sensual treasures

Reaching out to you

Sky-clad in the night

We meet in a dream

Under the moonlight

Dream of you

Dream of me

Reaching out

Across the sea

When you lay down

Call me to you

In your dream I will come

Sky-clad by the moon

Calling to each other

It is in the spell

Together we will be

Our future foretells

I will meet you by the fire

The warmth of the flame

If only I could hold you

I would never be the same


The spirit of the wolf

The heat of the fire

Rise up toward the sky

Wrapped up in desire


A union of spirits

Souls making love

Rising up higher

Heaven’s above


Focused on each other

Miles apart

Distance doesn’t matter

It’s a meeting of the hearts


Mind over matter

Lover’s destiny

Fighting for each other

And what is meant to be


He takes her hand

Together they kneel

Praying for a future

Mark it on the wheel


Let time come around

Make a complete ring

Time to take flight

A spreading of wings

Alive every night

In every rise of the moon

Heads on pillows

All asleep soon


Spirits leaving the body

Time for the souls to meet

Dreaming of each other

It is their destiny


Finally Complete

Free at last to stand together

To claim the love we share for each other

Finally complete, the final piece is in place

No longer running, it’s the end of the race

I will come, call out my name

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Blood & Wine

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