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Meant to Be (Troye Sivan/Tyler Oakley One Shot)



 Tyler smiled as he began to take his shirt off in a quick motion. Troye's eyes lit up as they scanned over his friend's body. As soon as he was finished, Tyler pulled Troye up and Took his shirt off as well. Troye blushed at the forwardness Tyler had, but proceeded to follow his lead.

 Tyler kissed and bit down Troye's neck, causing moans from the both of them. Troye's bare chest made contact with Tyler's as Tyler began grinding Troye. "Tyler," Troye groaned, his accent thick and needing, "quit...being...a tease." Tyler liked his sense of dominance over the younger boy and decided to use it to his advantage, though Tyler was ready to get things moving along as well.

 Still on top of Troye, Tyler sat up and looked him in the eyes. Their breathing was heavy and Tyler could feel Troye's erection through his jeans. Troye felt almost embarrased until he realized he felt Tyler's as well. He longed for Tyler and needed him as soon as possible. But that's not what Tyler had in mind. 

 He reahced for Troye's belt and slowly unbuckled it and pulled it through the loops of his jeans, never breaking eye contact with the boy beneath him. Tyler unbuttoned Troye's jeans and began to pull them off and Troye quickly slid them off his ankes, as well as his boxers and was now completely nude. Tyler raised an eyebrow as he looked up and down Troye's body, taking in every inch of him. 

 "Someone's in a rush," Tyler said playfully. 

 "C'mon Tyler. Please. I...I need you," Troye pleaded. Tyler nodded and took off his glasses, as well as the rest of his clothing. Both boys continued to scan each other with eyes of love and lust. 

 "Fine," Tyler said. "I'm first." Troye wanted Tyler inside him but Tyler was gonna make him wait. It would make the experience all the more enjoyable. Plus he'd been dying for a blowjob. 

 Troye hesitantly took Tyler into his mouth. "And you're calling me a tease?"Tyler moaned as he slowly pushed into Troye's mouth. Troye did his best not to cough, and succeeded. This was the first blowjob he'd ever given  so he really had no idea what to do. He decided to try something from a fanfic he'd read once. (a/n: im making troye a bit innocent ok) 

 He began to suck lightly as Tyler moaned in pleasure and breathed out Troye's name. Then he swirled his tongue around Tyler's length which caused more erotic sounds from the older one. 

 "Jesus, Troye, are you...sure you've never.....shiT," Tyler yelled as he came into Troye's mouth. Troye coughed but swallowed what was left in his mouth, grimacing at the taste. 

 "I'm sorry," Troye whispered. 

 "Don't apologize," Tyler breathed out, "Are you ready now?" Troye nodded fervently as Tyler began to push into Troye (a/n: not a blowjob ok) 

 Tyler realized he hadn't used lube, but there was no going back. Troye would just have to come up with some excuse as to why he won't be able to walk for a day or two. Troye wasn't a virgin, but this was his first time with a guy and he didn't know what to expect. Troye yelped in pain as Tyler went deeper into him, but quickly gained pleasure from the rythmic thrusts. Troye moaned Tyler's name and an array of curses as Tyler thrusted faster and deeper into him. Tyler clamped a hand over the boy's mouth because it was the middle of the day and there were probably people in their rooms close to us. Troye continued to make sounds until finally he came onto Tyler's chest and yelled out Tyler's name, probably loud enough for anyone within three rooms of us to hear. 

 Tyler pulled out and laid next to Troye on the hotel bed. 

 "Thanks," Troye whispered, trying to catch his breath. 

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