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Day one 

"Hustle and flow" 

Rileys pov


Yo im Riley Campton from SouthSide L.A. Im black hispanic and Italian. My dad left us when I was 9 and my mom died in a car crash when I was 16.

Im that nigga Every guy wants to be and every girl wants. im also the captain of the Basketball team. Ya gurl straight beast on the court.

my "Friend" (for now cuz imma own that) Trina ben there for me since 3rd grade. If you down with me you gotta be down for my niggaz Tay and Taz (they twins thoe)

well thats all yall needa know about me and read on to find out more  



Okay guys this is my first GirlxGirl story so please comment and vote anx tell me how you like it! 

other than that thanks 

for reading! 



6:45 Am 

Riley's Pov

"You always hollerin that Whoop de whoo blah say blah he say she say oh my god Shut the fuck up"  

-Kendrick Lamar

who is callin my phone at This damn time of morning! I reach over to get it but then it stops.Welp, since im up imma get ready for school. I get up, take a shower and pick out my clothes.

Outfit: Grape 5 Jordan's, Black cargos, purple Hollister shirt, FRESH black snapback, jesus piece chain(gold) a diamond rolley, black/purple jordan sox.

"Fresh to death" I say while brushing up my Brown and gold dreads with a shape up to the front. I spray on some Axe body sprey and run downstairs "Good morning Hunz" my mom hugs me and gives me some food.

"Morning ma" I get my Car keys to my new black on blue Lamborghini. "Trina I on my way be outside when I come" I text her.


Day one  


Trinas pov

~Got some Sex for yo stereo girl you wanna bump it turn it up dont turn it down promise that you love it~ Trey Songz

Hey its ya gurl Trina and im 18 years old a senior in High school. Im 5"7 and thick with curves all over. im black, Indian, and Germain. im orrigionaly from New York City but I live down here in Campton.

I get up to take a shower and my phone goes off "Trina im on my way be outside when I come" my boo Riley texts me. 

after getting out of the shower and styling my hair into a bow shaped pony tail, I get dressed.

outfit: Black high waist short shorts, a purple OBEY half top with black sleeves, grape five jordans, and one of rileys chains that she left here.

after about 15 minutes I go outside to see Riley standing outside of her car waiting on me "I See you cippied my swag Trina" she says and I giggle "Bitch no" I give her a hug and get inside the car. "Lets go im not tryin to be late riley I need an education" I say serioucly

"alright girl damn calm down im coming" she says while closing my door and getting in the car. I cant lie. my best friend looks great. hmm..well I have a big secret that I haven't told Riley yet because I don't know how she would feel about it.


she shouldn't be mad at me cuz I mean like, she is gay sooo.. but anyways yeah imma tell her right? ok yeah TRINA GET IT TOGETHER MAN! deep breaths...."Uhm Riley I have something to tell you" she turns her head a little bit and nods signiling me to continue. "well uhm..." ugh this is harder than I thought "Spit it out Trina come on" she chuckles out "Fuck up! and I like girls" I said the last part fast

"Well shit me too" she smiles...



Rileys pov

Since I had detention, I decided to stay 

after school with tay for Basketball practice. "why are you late Riri?" my couch asked taking my late slip "Detention" I say normally putting my stuff away "wel thst means you have to do 50laps 300push ups 65 sit ups 200jump & jacks". I groan and get started, this is gonna be a long ass practice.

"Yo Riri What you trying to get into tonight?" Tay says while running up towards me." I don't know man.. you?" I say looking at her while jogging. "We going to Alex party at Club Tronic (A/N I dont know if its real I just thought of that name for a club)"Oh aiit its gone be lit then so imma roll throughl" Alex's Parties are always poppin thoe


"Aiit bruh but after practice and when you get ready come pick Trina,Taz and Tay tay up (They cuzins and/or siblings)" I dont fucks with Tay Tay she a fake, and I definitely do not fuck with fakes, snitches, or bitch keep it real with me I keep it real with you. you keep it 3 hunna with me I keep it 3 hunna with you.

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