I am Apocalypse


    This is my first book, so it might be alover the place!!!

         What would be the average day in the life of the most deadly assasin in the world? I can tell you, because I am him. This is my story.

         Laying in a air vent, I wait for Dorean Herman to show up to the Terrorist meeting. The meeting was about nuking the President Obama when he congratulated the new president taking Obama's place. I make my hand look like a gun (thumb up, pointer finger pointing at Dorean Herman). Then I pull my thumb down, and the "Invester of Al Qaeda" dies before he hits the ground. The Terrorist Group, realizing they have no funding and that Dorean was assassinated, run for there stupid lives. But I won't kill them. I don't kill people exept under two circumstances, (A) Some one is trying to kill me, (B) The mission, sent by the Master, tells me to.

         You may be wondering, How did I kill Dorean? Master ( I am his apprentice, so I call him that) has a machine that a person sticks there hand in, he turns it on, and your hand can turn into a certain weapon, just bend your hand a certain way, and your hand is a certain weapon. Insane, right? You mabe be wondering, What is your name "most deadly assasin in the world"? My name used to be John, but now it's Apocalypse.

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