love is life_poems by rebeca

I love your memories,
but please take them back,
the way you took my heart.

Each day they are growing so strong.
And i dont know if i can hold it for long.
Each day my love is increasing,
and my life is ceasing.

I miss you,
i dont know if you feel it too,
but i dont want to be like this.
So just take your memories back..
as i dont want to know what your love is.

Each second is so clear..
when we were together
i would loose you,was my only fear..
but still i imagined you with me forever.

And then you went,
and all i had was a broken heart,
which no one could mend.
Years have passed
but iam still standing there,
we once promised to be one where.

But i know nothing would change,
i gave my heart and got an unending pain in exchange.
So please take away your memories,
as i cant live like this.......


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