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Due to the OUTSTANDING amount of reviews on the subject, it has come to my notice that some people do not have the intelligence to recognize the fact that this is FANFICTION. And FLIPPIN FANFICTION is generally about the SHOW. In case the meaning of this escapes you, dear reader, than this work of fiction will have spoilers. If you do not wish to read this because of that, I understand, but please do not start reading this only to call me out on the lack of labeling I put on it because, if you have eyes, then you can oh-so-clearly see the warning I posted to you. Good day.

Disclaimer: I do not own ANY of the Naruto characters all i own are the (kinda) made up ones in this story

P.S. The picture on the side is of Gabby

p.p.s. I wrote this story like AGES ago, and I know it's terrible, to be quite honest, I'm still terrible at writing so please excuse the utter failure that I hesitate to call a story.

:p And...CUE STORY:

"DID YOU SEE THAT EPISODE LAST NIGHT???" I screamed to my friend Claire, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT PERVY SAGE DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CRIED FOR LIKE...15 MINUTES!!! AND DID YOU KNOW THAT ITACHI WAS...wait for it...G-O-O-D???? I.AM.IN.SHOCK!!!"

Claire looked at me like she wasn't the one to get be addicted to Naruto "...Yeah I saw it..."


"I already saw that one..."

"...oh" I put one hand on top of the other because, whenever there's an awkward silence, an awkward turtle comes out.

"Awkward turtle? Seriously Gabby, Seriously?"

"NO, IT'S A MONKEY...Of course it's an awkward turtle"

Claire rolled her eyes and blasted her iPod on full volume and i heard a really disturbing song come out of it, we continued walking slowly to school.

We usually take the bus (Yuck!) but we had ditched the first 3 mods (or periods) of the day and we had gone to McDonald's until they had kicked us out...I DIDN'T KNOW THEY EVEN DID THAT!!

Justin Bieber's song "Baby" suddenly started playing and Claire screamed in terror and dropped her iPod. I laughed: I had messed with the playlists on it and added at least 1 of his (i mean HER'S) songs to each one while she'd been in the bathroom. She glared at me and if we were anime characters i would have been strangled and have one of those "X"ey band-aids on my head.

We got to the main office of MyHigh School and handed the lady at the desk our forged passes --we had gotten quite good at it in Middle School-- mine said that i had been in a docter's office for my tennis elbow and Claire's said that she had been riding on her giant, goth unicorn Fluffy, syke naw, her's was about her wrist that she had broken a month ago. It was actually kinda true but today was a Monday and she'd gotten her cast taken off on Saturday yeah.

We kept discussing the Naruto history and i kept crying uncontrollably whenever i thought of Pervy Sage's was so sad...

Claire laughed at my misery and i just had to sing the most annoying song of the century: "And I was like baby, baby, baby Ohhh, baby, baby, baby ohh-Owww!"

She had hit me on the head with her book-bag "THE SONG, IT HAS TAINTED THESE HALLS!!!! NOW GO WASH YOUR MOUTH YOUNG LADY!!!"

I just grinned and laughed, I was hit on the back of the head by my other friend Kathy who was in 12th grade, OH YEAH: me and Claire were in 11th. Kathy was the kind of girl who beat you up now and asked questions later. Her combat boots weighed like...20 pounds and she kicked me with them, "THAT SONG IT EVIL, Sing it with me: E-v-i-l s-o-n-g!" We laughed at the parody of "Busted" by Phineas and Ferb.

By the way...we sing

...a lot 

We just sing the first song that comes to mind for the's kinda awkward explaining to your parents that you got detention for singing...


We went into biology and said goodbye to Kathy who was apparently skipping P.E.

We were discussing how algae and a fish could affect the surrounding area...Me and Claire started passing notes:

Me: Jiraiya's DEAD!!!

Claire: I Kno


Claire: ...i kno!

ME: ur missing th point here:THE PERVY SAGE (my IDOL) is D-E-A-D!

Claire kinda lost it there, she screamed in frustration "I.GET.IT!"

The teacher (forgot his name) looked at Claire, "You get what?"

Claire looked embarrassed so i decided to help her out, "Mr.Teacher sir, i was trying to help her get what we were talking about. You see, she just got her cast taken off and the pain in her wrist makes it hard for her to write. Sooooooooo...(i was drawing a blank here, I couldn't think of anything)"

"So you were helping her get what we were talking about in a way that would... get through to her without having to memorize the whole lesson?" Mr.Teacher said.

I snickered at the insult to Claire, "Yup!"

"Well, thank you Gabrielle."

"No prob Mr.Teacher sir!"

XD we got away with it!!!!

I had to have the final say in the note because I'm just that paranoid so i quickly scribbled a caption:


Claire sighed...

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