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Hold me Carl Grimes Fanfic!

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Chapter 11


“Maureen?” I hear a deep voice behind me. “Who the fuck are yo-“ I finish turning around. ”Holy shit its you.” *SMACK* The boy had a shovel in hand. “Fuck.” I fall to the ground unconscious. “ALEX!!” The girl screams/ whispers. “Tripp.” I start to mumble. “Tripp.” The kid looks at me. “Tripp?” Alex whispers. I fall asleep and wake up in a car.



“Alex, she was inviting us to join her group you dumb fuck.” Maureen looks pissed. I’m lying on my side in the back seat. “Maureen, I’m sorry. I thought you were in trouble.”  It’s him. Alex, the guy who was dating Lizzie before all this shit. I had always had a crush on him before they went out. But I was always to shy to say anything so no one knew. “Alex?” I sit up. “Fuck.” He pulls the car over to the side. “Okay look.” He turns around. “We are going to take you back. But you need to convince your group to let us join.” He doesn’t know me? “I can do that Alex.” How the fuck does he not remember me? “Do you remember me?” I ask. “Uh, should I?” He moves his head to the side. “I’m Lizzie’s sister.” I whisper. I can feel the shy Danny coming out. “Lizzie?” His eyes widen. “Who?” Maureen raises her eyebrow. Alex coughs. “We should go, I see some geeks.” There was like 4 or 5. We begin to move.


We pull up to the house. “DANNY!!” Tripp comes out, Lucille in hand. The rest of the group follows. “What the fuck happened?” Rick asks. “Okay, I will tell you later but before you have to let these people stay here.” I signal for them to get out of the car. “I’m Maureen.” She stands behind me. “I’m-“Lizzie stares in shock. “Alex?” She walks towards him. “Oh my god! You’re fucking alive!” She grabs his face and kisses him. “THE FUCK!” Maureen exclaims and grabs Lizzie by the hair and throws her to the ground. “Who the fuck are you hoe?” The looks pissed. “This is my man bitch!” She grabs Alex. Rick grabs Lizzie. “Take her into the house.” Daryl takes her in. “Danny were you hurt?” Tripp grabs her hand. “Well, my head hurts like a bitch.” Hershel takes me in the house and gives me some medicine. I walk to Lizzie. “Are you okay?”  Sit next to her. “I still can’t believe he’s fucking alive.” She has dazed look on her face. “I mean we lost mom and dad, and some other friends. But I never thought Alex would make it.”

“He did though and I think now he has a girlfriend, he made due of this world- just like you did.” I hug her. “Your right.” She smiles and we walk back outside. “Can I talk you, Maureen is it?” She pulls Maureen aside. “Well now, let’s get ready to set up camp.” Rick gets everyone a job to do. “Danny could you and Lizzie go take care of Carl he seems a little sick this morning.” Fuck… why not fucking laundry, or dishes? Anything that doesn’t involve Carl…



“Carl?” Lizzie leans into the room from the door. “Ughhhhh stop being so loud.” He snaps. I felt better…. Still waking up like that wasn’t the best way to wake up… “Carl?” I peak in and his ears perk up. “Danny?” His voice is all scratchy. “What’s going on? I feel like im missing something here?” Lizzie looks at me then at Carl. “Its nothing.” Tripp walks in. “Okay then…” Lizzie looks at me. “Yeah it was nothing…” I see Carl he looks pretty sad… Even if it was a drunk kiss it was a kiss. We weren’t as drunk as we thought, I could still remember everything. “What’s that?!” Lizzie picks up the bottle from last night. “I don’t know?” I look down at the ground. “Okay seriously what the fuck is going on here?” Lizzie raises her eyebrow at everyone. “Nothing, damn Lizzie just fucking drop it.” Tripp snaps. “Don’t fucking talk to her like you do Danny. For fucks sakes you have no respect for anyone! We should have left you at the camp.” The last bit Carl mumbles under his breath. But we could all still hear him. “Maybe you should have. Maybe I should have never saved you guys. I mean I wouldn’t have had to shoot my dad.” Tripp stomps out of the room. “Tripp!” I chase after him. I see him shut a door. I run up to the door and open it. “Tripp?” I see him locking lips with Ramona. Ramona’s face looks shocked as fuck. He doesn’t stop kissing her. I feel my heart break into a billion pieces. I run out of the room. “Danny?” It’s Maureen she follows me outside. I run into the forest to the lake. I sit down and breathe. Pull my hair out of its pony tail to fix it. “GAHhhh AHhhhhhhHh.” A walker bites my hand. “AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Maureen shoots the walker in the head. “IT BIT ME! IT BIT ME! HELP ME!” Maureen sees the bight and pulls out her machete. “DO IT!” I scream and she chops my hand clean off. “AHHHHH” I scream and pass out.

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