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I woke up to Luke's alarm blaring out bocephus (aka Hank Williams Jr)- I got rights. I rolled my eyes and shut it off so it didnt wake Kelly. I walked downstairs after I put on Luke's Johnny Cash "Folsom prison blues" tshirt over my spandex short shorts. "Hey, babe." LeClaire said to me with a bright smile and bear hug. "Hey!" I grinned back. "Where's my man at?" I asked with a joking tone and she laughed as she pointed to the barn. I nodded and went out to the porch and slipped on Luke's other pair of boots- which were huge on my small feet- and went out to the barn. I leaned against the door and watched Luke for a minute before I whistled at him and said "mornin' sexy." And grinned as I saw his messed up hair and gorgeous smile. "Hey baby," He said as he held his arms open for me. I ran and jumped into his arms, almost knocking him into the pile of hay behind him, but he caught himself and pressed his lips to mine as I wrapped my legs around his waist and he sat me on the tractor tire so that I was finally taller than him. I grinned, making him pull back and ask, "what?" I laughed and said, "I'm finally taller than you!" He smiled and pulled me down and laid me down on the hay, hovering above me. "L-Luke, you need to get back to work. There's a storm coming I can feel it." See, a lot of us just have this gut instinct that there's a storm brewing. "Screw the storm." Luke said and pulled his shirt off. "Oh and there's a George Strait concert I'm taking you to next week." I froze and grinned widely. "Oh my god really?!" He nodded and i grinned and pulled his face down then connected our lips. Luke had one arm beside my head, and the other was tracing circles on my hip. Which was driving me insane, thank you very much. We finally pulled apart for air. I moaned at the fingers on my hip and bit my lip quickly to silence it. Luke smirked and pushed my shirt up to the bottom of my bra and I shivered as he put his hands on either side of my stomach and placed a kiss to my stomach. Then another. "Luke, it's raining. We either need to get inside or close the door." I said after moaning. He jumped up and shut the door, making sure to put the inside lock on and then came back to our spot and he kissed me sweetly then gave me a questioning look as he touched my shirt. I nodded slowly. "Baby, I'm never going to purposely hurt you. Never. Please trust that." Luke said and I nodded, pulling my shirt off. I knew he was talking about how we met. He saved me from my first boyfriend, jake, who was attempting to rape me. I was only fourteen years old at the time, and it scares me to think about him.

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Tom Wellingas Chris
Luke Bryan as Himself
Abigail Breslinas Kelly
Emily Rose Everhard as Kenzie
Caitlyn Carmichaelas Bo
Jake T. Austinas Tate

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