Youtube Dreams


Chapter 1:

I'm a new singer. I just got my first big break a year ago. I posted some videos on youtube and someone finally noticed me. I couldn't believe it. I started jumping up and down in my bedroom. Doing other people's covers was fun, but I preferred to post my original songs. Those always got the most hits even though I never understood why. The first original song is now my first hit song. I'm filming my first music video for that song now. I even had to hire a manager because my schedule got so busy that I couldn't handle it all. 

My mom died when I was little so I've been growing up with my dad. I hate dressing girly but my manager really wants me to for some reason. I showed up on set and my manager, Ben approached me.

"I think you should wear a dress for this video," he said.

I immediately resented, "I don't wear dresses."

"But" he started, "You are going to have to get use to it. I mean they expect you to wear one for the awards...."

My eyes shot up at him. "Woah woah, awards?"

"Yeah," he said, "congratulations you've been nominated!"

"I have?!" I said excitingly.

"Yes. that gives us enough time to film the video and get it finished so we can premiere it at the show."

"I can't believe this" I said "It's amazing! I'll wear a dress to that, but I want my first video to be me. A dress isn't."

"Okay fine" he finally agreed.

"Okay let's get filming" I said.

The crew led me backstage and I pur on some skinny jeans and a tshirt (my signature look). I wore my regular hoop earrings and some rubber bracelets that I never took off. They each stood for something. Whether they were favorite artists or favorite quotes and sayings. They straightened my hair and put on makeup. I usually didn't wear a lot of makeup but they insisted on me wearing more than usual.

We are filming my video on a building in the city. It's a song I wrote called "Big" about becoming famous. How no one thought I could make it, but I'm going to prove them all wrong. 

We filmed the entire day and at about 5 in the afternoon we were finally at the last scene. I was completely exhausted but happy that the day was about over.

"Okay" Ben said "Last scene. It's a close-up so I want you to actually sing it to the camera".

"Okay I can do that"

"Good action!" he yelled.

They started rolling and I looked into the camera and started singing:

"I'm gonna make it big someday. I'm gonna be famous then look back on what you said, 'there's no way you'll make it you're not good enough. Your voice ain't bigger thant his town' I'm gonna make it big someday."

I held the note for 5 beats and looked at the camera before walking out of the shot. They yelled cut and I was done filming for the day.

"Okay that's it!" Ben yelled "Now tomorrow we'll film the story line. We have a special guest. Adrianna you will be here to watch."

"Okay" I said "I'm going home".

"See ya Adrianna" the crew yelled.

"Bye!" I yelled before grabbing my bags and leaving the studio. All I could think about was going to sleep.


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Chapter 1


Camilla Belleas Adrianna
Taylor Lautneras Dawson

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