make me laugh(laughing jack romance) ON HOLD


*don't judge the music i like the song*

                                    chapture 2

I was running back to my cabin in the woods.I know what you might be thinking why is your house in the woods.Well how do i put it.oh my mom was murder by a boy who looked a lot like link from zelada,i was five then.the link boy tried to kill me at age ten but i beat him up and then hung him on a branch."ugh WHERE IS MY FLIPPING CABIN!!"i yelled at the top  of my lungs then in the corner of my eyes i saw something move or someone.then i heard a static like sound from the dissent where i saw the movement.

I stood there thinking where have i herd the static. Then i got it my uncle slendy.Then out of the blue two tentacles grabbed me and my axe. I was then hanging up side down face to no face to the slender man."you look oddly familiar little girl."I then got my hand from the tentacles and traced a happy face and eyes on the slender man's face."Stripe is that you little one" all i did was node my head yes."it is me uncle slendy.and can you hand me my axe and put me down?" slendy put the axe down and the little girl."Stripe may i ask you some questions.'' I nodded my head yes." question is are you a killer and would you like to stay at the creepy pasta house hold?"it toke me a Cople of minutes to answer"yes i am a killer and yes i would love to stay at the creepy pasta house hold. and when do i go?" "hold my hand little one and close your eyes until i tell you other wise got it" "OK"

i closed my eyes like my uncle said" you may open your eyes little flower" i did as he said and open my eyes and i was standing in front of a big mansion ''lets go'' "OK uncle slendy." we walked in the mansion."hey slendy how was hun-WHO THE HELL IS THIS SLENDY." "Jeff this is my niece stripe.stripe this is Jeff." "hello Jeff as you already know my name is stripe."

"Jeff plase go get everyone else down stairs to meet my niece and stripe would you like to see trendy and splendy aging?" all i did was nodd my head yes and walked away with slendy.

                                                                        -five minutes later-

"stripe i would like you to meet everyone this is jack masky and hoodie." slendy pointed to three guys in mask one blue one white and one black" then there is sally,jane,creepy bloom,and pinkamena dine pie and or cupcakes." he then pointed to four girls a little brown haird little and pink hair one,a black and red hair one,and a black hair one"and last but not least jeff,laughing jack or l.j,and BEN.'' "hi my name is stripe but people know me as music is dead." "what your that girl that killed her dad and the runaway?" jeff ask i just said the most simple answer"yes i am"


so how is the story good, bad,great let me know.

thire might b some romo in the next chapture dont know

(romo manes romance)

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