25. Kris and I

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Hana's POV

 I took a glance on my wrist watch and it's 4 in the afternoon. I took a glance on Kris as he is focusing on the road while driving.

"By the way, Kris.. Where are we going next?" I asked Kris and he took a quick glance on me and smiled.

"Some place to where we can eat our dinner." Kris smiled and I just nodded in agreement, "Oh. That's good. I'm hungry." I answered.

"You're always hungry." Kris chuckled and he took a quick glance at me as he smirked mischievously.

"Yah!" I narrowed my eyes on him and he smiled and he averted his eyes on me while he chuckled. His smiling and laughing face makes him much more attractive and so handsome. 

My eyes are still focused on Kris as his eyes are focused on the road. He really looks so handsome when driving seriously. Then, I was surprised when Kris' eyes met mine and he smiled. 

"What? Am I really that handsome to be stared at?" Kris smirked mischievously and I flushed as I looked away. 

"You're really so conceited." I said while looking away.

I heard him chuckle. "It's true that I'm so handsome." 

"You're so full of yourself." I answered and he chuckled.

"I'm not. I'm really handsome." He said with a cocky smirk. Kris is really so conceited.

"You're still full of yourself.." I said as I narrowed my eyes on him.

"But you love me.." He answered with a cocky grin and I averted my eyes as I can feel that my cheeks are heated by now.

"Y-You really are so conceited." I mumbled as I can feel that my cheeks are now bright red. Then, silence came and I don't know what to talk or say next. Aish. I need to break this silence. Hmm..What should I ask? I was in a deep thought as I remembered that i want to know more about Kris. I want to know more about him than Jessica. Thinking about how Jessica knew Kris for years makes me envious.

 "Want to play 20 questions?" I asked.

"What for?"

"Nothing. I'm just bored.." I answered smiling so widely.

"Hmm.. Hungry for information eh?" He took a quick glance on me smirking and I flushed.

"Yah! I'm not." I said while looking away.

"Okay. Okay." He answered.

"Okay then.. Hmm.. What's your real first name?" I asked and he took a glance on me and he was surprised.