chapter 27

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CHAPTER 27: The Pain of goodbye

It’s been 2weeks since I sacrificed him…

Brian is finally my boyfriend.

      When he returned, I said my I love you to him. I know it’s not true, I’m sorry Brian if I have to do this to you. But don’t worry, I know I could learn to really love you fully and truly. Who couldn’t love someone as sweet and  as caring as you, right?

      And Cedric, he is back with Kyla. he did what I asked him to do. Thanks so much for everything & I’m very sorry for doing this to you but I know you’ll eventually learn to love her too.


Tapos na rin ang klase.

“Bye Sai! Ingat!” tumingin ako sa seatmate ko sa kaliwa at ngumiti at nagwave.

New sem. new schedule. New subjects. New classmates. New seatmate.

Cedric changed some units, including the unit where we were classmates.

Yeah right, we have that d@mn restart. But thing just re-happened. maybe this must be our real destiny, NOT TOGETHER. he’s not my happily ever after & I’m not his forever and ever. Sad, but that’s how it got to be.

I went out of the room to see Brian patiently waiting for me, he went to get my things and gave me a peck, ”How’s my princess?”

”Eto, kinda sleepy, yung prof kasi namen eh.” kinusot kusot ko yung mata ko para mawala yung antok tapos umakbay sakin si Brian at naglakad na kami paalis.

”Hungry?” I shook my head, ”You sure?”

I nod. The more kindness and sweetness he shows, the more guilt I feel. Ano ba kasi heart,mainlove ka na kay Brian please!

We were heading to the campus’ parking when I saw Cedric with Kyla, luckily, Brian didn’t see them because I turned around as soon as possible and pulled him out of the park.

”T-teka, aren’t we going home yet?”

”On second thought, I think I’m hungry. Let’s eat first before going.”

”Uh… okay?”

At the canteen, I bought so many foods and pigged-out on it.

”I thought you weren’t hungry Sai?” ok, napa-stop ako sa pagkain. Yes, I wasn’t that hungry but when I saw him, I just felt like eating.

You know the feeling that you’re so hurt and you want to go crazy but you just can’t so you ended up pigging-out on foods? That’s what I’m feeling right now. Para bang pampawala ng sakit at sama ng loob ‘tong ginagawa kong pagkain.

”Uh… nagbago ng isip ang tyan ko eh.. gutom daw pala.. ehehe…”

”naku, hinay-hinay lang sa pagkain ah, baka mabulunan.” and upon saying that eh nabulunan nga ako. Inabot ko kaagad yung mountain dew ko at dire-diretsong uminom.

”ayan, nabulunan ka nga. Gimme a number.”

”Uh.. why?” 

”C’mon, a number.”

”fine. Three?”

”Ok, A, B, C… someone who’s name is starting with a “C” remembered you.”