Truth or dare

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Angie: I'm fucking pissed why because non of you guys comment me well it's ok cuz my friend gave me some more dares yaaaaaayyyyyyyyy 😄😊

Sally: yaaaayyyyyy😄😊

Angie: this dare goes tooooo * was cut of by her friend busting trough the wall *

Mayesha: BEEENNNNN!!!😃

Angie and Mayesha: party party party * are running everywhere *

BEN: oh no * emo *

Angie: BEN you have to dance to I'm sexy and I know it in your underwear 😈 mwahahahaha

BEN: ok * he took off his clothes but still had his under wear every one besides Angie and Mayesha where laughing* oh fuck

Everyone bsides Angie and Mayesha: runnnnnnnnn

Angie and Mayesha: stooooppp we are not going to kill you guys but Maybe BEN with his princesses peach underwear Sally music BEN start dancing now

BEN started to dance then he started to enjoy it.

BEN: I'm sexy and I know it lets go wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle * BEN started to wiggle like crazy *

Sally stopped the music she look kinda sick.

Angie: Sally are you ok? You look sick? OMG your burning * touches Sally's head *

Mayesha: ok we are going to stop here AHHHHHHHH * passes out of a poster of Harry styles that was brought out by Jane *

Angie: SON OF A BITCH MAYESHA JANE NOT AGAIN * I was now screaming but passed out of Niall horan hotness poster that was brought by Jeff *

Jeff: to easy * looks at Sally who is passed out on top of Mayesha and Angie * errrr good bye creepypasta fans comment us please and if you don't I'll give you all free kisses for you to comment thank you

Everyone: oh my god * stares at Jeff with is shirt off dancing to I'm sexy and I know it right now *