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You're sitting in yours and your boyfriend of 4 years flat alone waiting for him to arrive home from his 'night out', you tap your foot on the ground and bite your nails. You pull out your phone for the 100th time and text Jai again. It's 2am in the morning and he said he'd be back by 11, you sigh knowing texting or calling him is useless and you put your phone away, you decide to call it a night and go to head upstairs to bed when you hear something smash and the door handle rattling. You turn away from the step as head towards the door "Jai?" You call, the door opens and a drunken Jai falls flat on the ground "Jai thank god!" You sigh of relief and help your boyfriend up "hey baby girl" Jai chuckles "I'm where were you!? You had me worried sick!" You frown "out" Jai blankly states walking into the kitchen "I know that but-" you say and Jai cuts you off "then leave it!" He yells making you flinch. "Is that .. Lipstick?" You ask Jai, he looks at you "I don't know" Jai shrugs his shoulders "it is isn't it" you sigh "who cares it was just some chick" Jai says walking away "Who cares!? Jai I'm your girlfriend! 4 years and you ruin it!" You yell after Jai tears trickling down your face "it was already ruined" Jai laughs. Your body fills with pure rage when he speaks those words and you throw a glass cup at him missing and smashing into pieces on the wall, one piece hit Jai and cut his cheek and he turns around with a angry face and nostrils flared "don't you fucking dare throw things at me!" Jai yells walking towards you and pushing you against a wall "You cheated! I loved you to bits and you couldn't give to cares about me!" You yell back "I cheated because you're a pathetic excuse for a girlfriend!" Jai pushes you harder against the wall.

If you choose to slap jai's face for his actions go to A. 

If you choose to let him continue yelling go to B.


You gasp and slap jai's face with your hand, Jai stares at you with a disgusted face and moves closer towards you, you put your hand on Jai's chest and push him away slightly and whisper "it's over Jai you don't have to worry about me anymore" before walking up stairs and grabbing a suitcase and filling it with your belongings "good! Leave! I don't care!" Jai yells following you "leave me alone Jai" you say with no emotion. You zip up your bag, grab your keys and walk down stairs with you bag in your hands, "i really thought we had something special" you say wiping a tear from your eye "yeah well you're wrong" Jai scoffs "goodbye Jai" you whisper and head out to your car.


"Please stop Jai you're drunk" you sigh looking at the ground "you threw glass at me" Jai growls "you cheated!" You raise your voice alittle. "I'm outa here" Jai shakes his head grabbing his keys "w-where are you going?" You frown "away from you" Jai growls again "you'll be needing your things" you spit, "why" Jai says in a deep voice turning to you "I don't want you back here" you shake your head and sit on the couch and stare at the floor. You hear Jai stomp upstairs and 3 minutes later you hear him walk back down with a bag in his hands "so it's over?" Jai says "we are ruined, you said so yourself" you stutter "answer my question!" Jai raises his voice stepping towards you, you pause for a moment "yes.." You whisper. Jai chuckles "whatever cya" he says before slamming the door shut, you hear his car start up and pull out of the driveway. You let your head fall in your hands and you start sobbing.

If you chose story A continue on to A. 

If you chose story B continue on to B.


You sit in your car for a moment and let the tears start to roll down your cheek, you start up your car and pull out of the driveway and start driving, you pull out your phone and dial Luke, on the second ring he picks up "hey y/n what's up?" Luke sweetly chuckles "L-Luke can I stay with you for a bit?" You sob into the phone "y/n what's wrong?!" Luke asks in concern "can we talk about it later?" You sniffle "yeah of course, ill see you in abit" Luke says "okay" you sniffle once more and hang up. Once you arrive at Luke's house you see he is already waiting outside for you, you get out of your car and walk to Luke and just hug him as you burst into tears "come inside and we'll talk" Luke rubs your back, you nod and follow Luke inside his home, both you and Luke sit on the couch "so what happened y/n?" Luke frowns at himself, you pull yourself together and explain to Luke everything that had happened "That fuckhead I'll kill him! Hey listen you're welcome to stay here al long as you need" Luke weakly smiles "thankyou Luke that means a lot" you smile and hug Luke. "You need to rest it's extremely late" Luke smiles "oh yeah sorry I woke you" you faintly smile "it's fine, just go up to my bed I'll crash on the couch" Luke smiles pointing up stairs "no I can't kick you out if your own bed, I'll take the couch" you shake your head walking towards it, Luke softly grabs your arm "y/n I insist you take my bed, it's fine really" Luke says deeply "sleep with me?" You say pulling the sleeves of your shirt down over your hands "what?" Luke turns to you "sleep with me so neither of us have the couch" you softly say, Luke smiles "alright cmon" Luke says guiding you upstairs. You're in Luke's bedroom and you're getting ready for bed "Luke I didn't bring my bag in" you slap your head in realisation "that alright just chuck on my shirt, saves you from going out in the cold" Luke smiles grabbing a shirt from his draw and throwing it to you, you smile and walk to Luke's bathroom and place the oversized shirt over your body and walk back out to the room "you don't sleep with pants either huh?" Luke chuckles, you look down at your body "I guess not" you faintly laugh, Luke smiles and you climb into Luke's bed and watch as he takes off his shirt revealing his toned abs and tattoos and taking off his pants leaving him in nothing but his kalvin clien underwear you look away knowing you can't be attracted to not only your bestfriend but your.. Ex boyfriends twin brother. Luke climbs into bed "you okay?" Luke says biting his lip slightly "yeah thanks" you lie and rub your arm, "hey things will get better" Luke smiles, you faintly smile back letting your hair fall on your face, Luke stares at you examining your face and tucks your hair behind your ear "are you still cold?" Luke's voice deepens "a little but it's okay" you smile slightly "here" Luke chuckles opening his arms, you laugh a little and move closer to Luke making your bodies touch, he pulls the blanket over the two of you and pulls you closer to his body. "Night y/n" Luke mumbles in a sleepy voice "night Luke" you whisper and close your eyes.

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