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Coffee Shop Pleasures - Rated R One shot


I walked to the counter where he was standing. "Yes, sir?" I said, trying not to sound irritated. Don't get me wrong, I actually liked my job and my boss. I worked as a server at a quaint little French themed coffee shop in the middle of the town. Customers were usually friendly and I also got a decent pay. I usually worked the evening shift, but boss asked me to come in the morning; I am just not a morning person.

He handed me a set of keys, "I have a meeting today and I won't be back until tomorrow. You're in charge, so don't screw up."

I nodded once, fighting the smile that wanted to break out. I watched as he grabbed his suitcase from behind the counter and walked out the door. Yes! He won't be breathing down my neck like usual - I can do whatever I want. I made a fist pump when he drove away.

"Hallelujah!" Cheered my coworker, Josh. I grinned and tossed a dish cloth at him.

Just then, a young woman walked in while reading a novel. She bumped into several people on her way to an empty table. I shook my head and smiled. Bookworms, what are you going to do with them? The girl finally sat down at a table and she took off her black coat and scarf, eyes never leaving the page. I approached her and asked, "Good morning, what can I do for you?"

"My usual," she replied curtly, still not looking at me.

I raised an eyebrow and turned up a corner of my lips. I chuckled, "I'm sorry but I'm not your usual server so you'll have to tell me what your usual is, miss."

This caught her attention, so she finally raised her head and looked at me. My d!ck shifted as I stared into her gorgeous blue eyes. Her wavy brown hair framed her face beautifully and cascaded down to her waist. She was perfect from head to toe, her white v-neck clung to her curves and her black skinny jeans showed off her long legs. She looked especially tall in those killer red heels. Absolutely enchanting, I would describe her. Her beautiful bow shaped lips curved upward and she asked, "Oh, this is a view I could get used to. But where is my usual server?"

I was too busy looking at her breasts to notice anything. She had large, beautifully shaped breasts and the v-neck revealed a lot of cleavage. It took me a few seconds to process that she had asked a question. I shrugged and said, "Family emergency in Alaska."

Her brows furrowed, "I hope everything is okay." She glanced at my name tag. "So, Tom, I would like an iced mocha latte with a caramel coffee cake."

"Your wish is my command, miss." I left her table and started making her drink. Darn it, I didn't ask for her name.

"Claire's hot, eh?" Josh asked, nodding his head towards the beautiful girl I had just left.

Claire...a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I grinned, "No kidding." However, I thought she was also adorable - the way she gets so absorbed in her book, the way she takes no notice of anything around her, the way she stumbles over everything, the way she worries about her old server, and the way she flirts. She was the kind of girl I'd take home to meet my mother then ravage in the bedroom, the kind that I wanted to marry. I wasn't the only one, though.

Josh took the drink I was making for her. "Here, let me get this to her."

I laughed, "You're funny." I took the cup back from him and nodded over to his tables. "There's some elderly ladies needing your assistance." He scowled and headed toward them. I smirked and walked towards Claire's table.

As I neared her, I was suddenly tripped and her drink went flying in the air. NO! I mentally shouted. It splattered all over her and the novel she was reading. She shrieked when the cold latte hit her delicate skin. "I am so so sorry Claire. I don't know what happened, I've been working here for two years now and I haven't made a mistake until now. Sorry!" I apologized profusely. As I went to get some napkins to clean up the mess, I heard Josh snicker. I turned to look at him and he gave me a smirk as well as a thumbs up. I glowered at him, did he really just ruin any chance I had with the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen? Yes, yes he had. I returned and handed her some of the napkins. I mumbled, "Sorry again."

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