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Hunger Games Fanfic.






Katniss' POV; Day One Of The Games.

The countdown begins. My heart is beating so fast i can't keep track. My knees begin shaking. I wiggle my fingers and look over to Peeta, the boy from my District. You can tell he's nervous by the look on his face. He glances at all the tributes and looks at me. Then he looks to the cornucopia. The countdown gets to 10 and i gulp. I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready. I get myself into a running position, ready to run straight to the Cornucopia. 3, 2, 1... The games have begun.


I freeze. I can't move! RUN RUN! COME ON RUN! I say in my head. I'm still stood on the podium looking at the bloodbath happening. Children screaming, blood being splattered, cannons blowing. I stare at this young boy stabbing an older girl to death. He has big scary eyes. A cannon blows. The girl is dead. He stops and looks over to me. I stare at him and gives me an evil smile. His eyes are wide and he looks at me as if i'm his prey. Then, he begins to run over to me.


I still can't move. My bones have frozen. My head is screaming at me to run. But my body doesn't listen. So this is it, i'm gonna die already and i haven't even got off of the podium. He is about 2 metres away from me, getting closer, closer. He stretches out his arm ready to stab me.. But suddenly stops. Someone has thrown a knife at his back. He drops to the floor in front of me. I look around and see Peeta running towards me.


''Come on, we need to get out of here before we get killed!'' He says grabbing my hand. I stare at the young boy's body lying on the ground with a knife sticking out of his back.

''Katniss, come on!'' Peeta shouts. I look at him and snap out of it, then we run into the forest.


''I didn't know you could throw knives'' I say out of breath. We stop running and walk fast instead.

''Neither did I'' Peeta smirks. ''I just saw him running towards you while you stood there, like a statue'' He says. ''I needed to save you, so I just threw the knife and paryed it'd hit him and not you'' I give him a slight smile. ''And it did''

''Thanks'' I say. He nods smiling back to me. We decide to sit down by a large oak tree to rest for the night. I walk around the forest to see if i can find an animal to shoot. After about 10 minutes i come back as I couldn't find any and also I need to know Peeta is still alive. No cannons have gone off yet though; which is good. It takes me a few minutes before i get back to where i left Peeta. And when i see him. I see him making a fire.


''Peeta! Stop!'' I say walking back to him. ''You heard what Haymitch said, making a fire is a good way to get yourself kil-'' I'm cut off by someone throwing a spear at Peeta. It hits him straight in the stomach. ''PEETA!'' I scream and run over to him.


I look around pointing my arrow in the distance. I hear footsteps, but they sound like they're running away. Then I drop my arrow and kneel by him. He looks up at me with tears in his eyes.

''Katniss'' He says softly.

''Shh!'' I demand. I rip his top so i can see his wound. Blood runs down his side and forms a little pool on the ground. ''Listen, i'm gonna save you, I just need to get some medicine okay'' I say with a tear running down both, mine and his faces. His hands are on the wound, i move them out of the way and rip a piece of his top so i can put pressure on it. I scrunch up the cloth and put it on, Peeta winces. So i take his hand and he squeezes it tightly.

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