Pacific Coast Academy (A Justin Bieber Love Story)


Yarethzia's Pov


I walked out of my room while looking through my copy of the map of the school trying to find the nearest Starbucks, while putting in my light purple earbuds. I Was wearing a light blue v-neck with a black leather jaket over it, with the zipper halfway opened. I Was sporting another pair of supras, light and dark blue mixed this time and some dark washed out skinny jeans. Around my neck I had a heart shaped locket, which the only thing i had from my dad. I Wore it all the time.  I also straightened my hair.

I Adjusted the band of my long black tote bag and dug my hand through it for my wallet as I reached Starbucks. I Stood in line humming slighly as a man before me ordered something.

After the man left I laughed slighly as i saw the employes' face. The poor guy looked so relieved that the man was gone, and i couldn't blame him, seeing as the guy had taken around ten minutes just to decide what he wanted.

The guy saw me and laughed along with me. When we stopped i smiled at him and looked at his name tag. Mmhm. Blake.Nice name.

'Hey I'm blake, what can i get for a pretty girl like you ?'

'Well i would like a white mocha frapp please.' i said trying not to laugh, that guy thought he was so suave. Think again pretty boy.

'So can i get your name with that ?'

I Laughed again but nodded,' Sure, it's Yare.'

He made a face while he tried saying it as he handed me my frappe and i couldn't help but laugh,

'Don't worry, not everyone gets it the first time.' i assured him and he chuckled.

I Reached for my money but stopped as i heard a voice i was getting used to hearing.

'Don't worry i got this.' Justin said as he handed Blake a Twenty before turning towards me and smiling.

'So, Yare huh ?' he said smirking.

I Rolled my eyes at him and said,' Don't get too excited, that was just my nickname.'

He chuckled lightly,' Well mind telling me your full name , Yare ?' he said looking at me.

'I don't know,' i stopped and looked at him i sipped my drink,' what would i get out of it?'

He made a face as he pretended to think about it,' well...' he looked at my shoes.

'Supras huh ?' mmhm. Well i happen to have every style and color in them.'

'No wayy ! really ? wait. What if I Just happen to be borrowing these from my friend ?'

'I seriously doubt it. Every time i've seen you, you've been wearing Supras.' he smiled smugly at me.

I stepped back and pretended to be creeped out,' That is just creepy dude.'

His smile dropped and he started assuring me he wasn't a stalker.

'I Swear i'm not a creep. really. im not.'

I Laughed,' I know.'

He continued thought,' I Promise really, I'm not like that--,' He paused,' Wait did you just say you knew ?'

I Smirked,' Seems like my Acting skills are better than i thought.'

He shook his head laughing and said,' Well played, well played.'

I Laughed and continued walking to my first class, with justin trailing behind me trying to figure out my full name.

I Sighed and said,' You're not gonna figure it out.'

He smirked,' Wanna bet ?'

I Smiled smugly at him,' Fine if i win, i get to choose a pair of Supras from your 'Collection.'

He grinned,' Fine.'

I Smirked at him and walked off.


I Got to my first class with no trace of Justin following me. I Walked in and saw that there were no seats in this class. Everyone was seated at random. I Walked through the class to the back where there was no one and besides there was a window seat. Boo yah !

I Sat down and layed my bag next to me. I Took my frappe which i hadn't finished due to justin talking to me, and looked around the class while i took sips from it. I Saw my roomies and waved at them with my free hand and smiled as they waved back and moved in front of me.

A middle aged man walked in and everyone got quiet.

'hello kids. My name is Mr. Watson and i'll be your teacher for the rest of the year.' He said as he took a drink of his coffee.

There were a few groans around the class.

'There will be however some people helping out aorund the class, they should be here shortly.'

There were murmurs as everyone tried to guess who the mystery people were.

I Just rummaged through my bag and for my iPod. When i found it i put it on the list I'd made the day before. I Closed my eyes and hummed along to the song.

I Had the song on low volume so i heard the exact moment when the teacher tried saying my name.

I Sighed rolling my eyes, and took my earbuds out of my ears.

As i tried to show the teacher how to pronounce my name, around six guys walked in wearing hoodies. Every single one of them had a different color hoodie but one stood out.

He was wearing purple supras...

i groaned as he pulled down his hoodie and looked me in the eye.

'So Yarethzia huh ?' he pronounced it perfectly, smirking.


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