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brought into slavery...boyxboy


Hellur!  New writer here on Wattpad. Comment & Vote? I would LOVE help with my stories. Dont know if im going to update much, I'm lazy >_>, but inspire me to write & I shall! :D. Hope you liked the first chapter<3

thanks for reading! <3 xxx.



Blackness was all I saw. The cold wind sweeped across my body. "Clank clank clank"

"What is that annoying sound?" I thought a bit irritated.

I opend my eyes slightly. Infront of me was a bare,white muscular chest being pressed up against my cheek.

"Who the hell is this man and why is he carrying me?"  Words couldnt come out my mouth.

I felt myself start to shake with shock and fear. He looked down at me, dark hair clung to his face leaving me curious as to how he looks. Piercing blue eyes settled on my own dull brown ones.

"Where are you taking me!" I shouted at him. Struggling to get out of his grip only to have his hold tighten around me.

"I bought from the Auction House."  his husky voice giving me goose bumps.

"W-what are you t-talking about? I  was never in an Auction Ho-"  Now I remember...

      *earlier that day*

I was walking home from my friend, Jason's house. It was pretty day. Jason offered me a ride, but he was baby sitting his little sister so I didnt want him doing something irresponseable because I was too lazy to walk.

The cold air swept across my face and brushed back my hair softly.

I grinned to myself. I've always loved the winter, being able to see my own breath. Wearing sweaters all the time.

I saw a black van pull up next me, keeping up with my pace. I tried to steady my heart. "Its probablly nothing" I thought hopefully.

Dont these things happen to girls? Not boys! Isigh, Society these days make me sick.

I quicken my pace to make sure that the black van is following me, and it is.

I broke out in a run, The van following suit. Breathing heavily I turn in an alley way. Leaning againt the wall catching my breath I look for any signs of the van.

I didnt hear anything. A sigh of relief escaped past my mouth as I chuckled silently.

" How silly of me to think a Van filled with vicious dust bunnys were going to rape me"
Running my fingers through my hair,  a nervous gesture, I begin to walk to the other end of the alley way.

I didnt notice that the lighting was getting dimmer and dimmer. And I usually notice those kinds of things with me being paraniod and all.

I turn around thinking I heard some footsteps and thats when I got knocked out cold. Black spots clouding my vision.

I woke up in a low lighted room. Squinting my eyes to look at everything around me. I gulped.

Where the hell am I? It smells like rust and copper...Copper smells like blood.

I start trembling as a humongus guy comes over to me and yanks me up.

I yelped in surprise." What the fuck! You could've just asked me to stand you big whale!" I yelled at the dofus. Big mistake. Before I knew it His fist collided with my jaw.

The punch was so powerful I got pushed back on to the floor. Yeah, I know, why push the guys limit if I dont know him let lone know why I'm here. I'm known for speaking my mind even if it didnt end up in a brutal fight. I'm just an impulsive guy, sue me.

Mr.Whale guy picked me up and slung me over his shoulder.

Saying I'm scared is an understatement. I'm scared out of my wits.

I start trembling as he lead me up a flight of stairs, looking back where we just were I saw reddish-brownish splats on the wall and saw mud puddles on the concrete ground. I gulped loudly. I realized that the copper smell came from the splats on the wall, old and new blood bundled together.

We came to a stop when I saw a red thick victorian currtains infront of me, which means we went through the currtains? I have to stop zoning out.

Mr.Whale guy put me on my feet and shackled my wrist and feet together. i whimper loudly at the feel of the cold metal shackles againts my limbs.

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