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Torn into Two {Pokemon Fan-fic}


I have posted this on Quizilla and will put it here also, and I've been very slowly putting it on deviantart. But important info: the character's name is Sonny, but only because I wrote this story before I knew what the girl's name was. She is 13, and already has 3 pokemon; Pikachu, Piplup, and Giratina. And she can understand pokemon. Basically the main trainers (Black, N, Bianca, ect.) are 13, only because of the sequel after so they could be older...but not too old...


"Ummm, well Unova shouldn't be too far according to the map!" I yelled over the roaring winds that me and Giratina flew through.

"You have no idea what you're you??" Giratina growled.

"Uh," I said, rubbing the back of my neck.

"Thought so. Just let me lead the way. You're lucky enough to have me on your team." He said. He always had a tendency to show off...

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. You know why?" 


"Cause you are one of the greatest friends ever!" I hugged him, to the greatest to my ability though...I can't exactly wrap my arms around something so large.

"I know I am." A simple 'thanks' could of worked too...


After a few silent hours Giratina finally spoke up. "Here." He landed on a route, not in the small town nearby, so we could avoid the surprised looks on people's faces.

"Thanks Giratina." I said as I pulled out my Pokeball. I returned him to the ball and let him rest after the long ride here. I walked into the town, startling a few bird pokemon, and watched them fly away.

"Oh, I haven't seen you here before." I heard a voice say. I turned to see a girl with blonde hair, standing next to a boy with black hair and glasses. "Are you new?" The girl asked.

"Uh, yeah. Do you think you could show me around?" I asked, hoping to make new friends.

"Sure!" She said happily, with a large grin on her face.

"What's your name?" The boy asked.

"Oh, my name's Sonny." 

"I'm Cheren and this is Bianca." He said, introducing the both of themselves to me. "You should probably go talk to Professor Juniper. That's where we were just heading."

"Uh, ok." I followed them to a rectangular building on the other side of the small town. We walked inside and an Oshawott, a Snivy, and a Tepig were playing around.

"Good morning Professor Juniper!" Bianca waved.

"Good morning Bianca and Cheren." She looked at me. "Ah, you must be Sonny. Professor Rowan and Professor Oak told me so much about you! And from what I've heard you seem like an incredible trainer!"

"Uh, thanks..." Compliments always made me feel so weird, but in a good way of course!

"So, Cheren and Bianca are you guys ready for your first pokemon?" Professor Juniper said, rounding up the excited Pokemon.

"Of course!" Cheren said.

"Does Sonny get one too?" Bianca asked.

"She can have one, but she doesn't have to. She's already got dozens of Pokemon in her P.C."

"Really? Maybe I could get as much as you!" Bianca said. "Are you gonna choose one?"

"Sure, I would like to get as much Pokemon as I can." I said walking up to the three Pokemon in a line. "So who would like to go with me?" I bent down to their level.

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