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Hope Everlasting. [COMPLETED.]


A/N; Hi! So, this is my first original full-length story on Wattpad. Normally, it's been fan fiction or short stories, but this idea came to me so I've decided to go for it. Yes, I plan to follow it the whole way through and shiz. I do have several medical conditions and have just come home from being in hospital for one month, so if there are delays in updates this is why. I do however love writing more than I can say, so I will keep at it! Note; this story contains sensitive topics from the beginning. I'm not putting an age limit on it as I feel only you can judge it, but you have been warned. ^.^ Updates will be as soon as possible, so enjoy! Vote and comment if you like, I always love to hear from you and get constructive critiscm. So, enough of me warbling, enjoy! :3

NOTE: This is currently unedited and will have some thorough tweaking once the story is complete. The errors are minimal but will be changed. :)

Hope Everlasting.


Our story begins on a warm summer's day, year 2000. A young girl of the age of five runs, long red hair tumbling in messy waves down her back. She continues to prance, through a blanket of flowers, an elated look upon her youthful face.

"Hope! Slow down!" Another girl, identical in looks yet clearly more timid in nature, shouts to her sister, running just a few metres behind, slower and more careful than the other.

"Come on, Ashy! Last one to the lake's a rotten tomato!" The first--Hope, it seems--calls back, cackling in excitement as she speeds up, running as fast as her miniscule legs will take her.

"Hope! You're going too fast!"

"Don't be such a spoil sport, Ashlynn!" With that, Hope changes direction, rushing off into the distance. Ashlynn stops, clutching a stitch in her side as she attempts frantically to catch her breath. After a few moments, the worried looking girl stands up, eyes scanning the colour filled horizon.

The blazing, mid morning sun taints the crystal sky, blankets of flowers in every colour gracing the long green grass. Everything is peaceful, everything is right. Everything is in its place; apart from Hope. For a moment, Ashlynn's face fills with terror, as she begins to think she's lost her sister, her twin. Her everything. Her loving heart begins to thud, much too vigorous for her tiny body. With that, she takes off at a speed seemingly non-existent beforehand.

"Hope? Hope! Hopie!" She runs frantically, the blazing heat becoming too much for her

. "Boo!" A shout. A scream. We all fall down.

"Hopeeeeee!" Ashlynn squeals, staring up at her grinning sister from her place on the ground. "Don't do that!" The other merely laughs, glancing back at where she'd jumped out from.

"Come on, silly. Let's go to the lake!" Hope exclaims, holding a small hand out to help her sister up. Within seconds, she is running again. This time, too frightened she will lose her sister, the other follows.

"Yes! I won, I won, I won!" Hope cries as she reaches the lake a mere second after the girl does, dancing around in a circle as she celebrates. "You are a rotten tomato!" Hope proclaims, grinning at her sister.

"It's not fair! You're faster than I am..." the other whines in reply

. "Yeah, yeah. You just worry too much! Now, I bet you won't dare to go paddling!" The girl provokes, turning to face the crystallized water that makes up what the children knew as Demon's Lake.

"No, I won't! And neither will you! You know Mother doesn't let us even go near the water!"

"What Mother doesn't know won't hurt her. We can let our feet dry in the sun--"

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Lily Collinsas Ashlynn Marie Carter
Lily Collinsas Hope Grace Carter
Julianne Mooreas Rosemarie Jade Carter
Mark Williamsas Frederick Mark Carter
Hayden Christensenas Cory Alexander McKinnon
Elisha Cuthbertas Carly Elizabeth Johnston
Devon Bostickas Dylan Thomas McKinnon
Jessi Caveas Chrissy Alexandra Moore
Barbara Palvinas Rebeckah Mae Johnston
Daniel Finlanas Seth Jared Marshall
Robert Downey Marcus John McKinnon.
Jodelle Ferlandas Tabitah June McKinnon.
Jodelle Ferlandas Lillith Mary McKinnon.
Saoirse Ronanas Sadie Jade Mathews
Ariana Grande as Jazmin Rose Wilson.
Brittany Snowas Elise Jane Thomas

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