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She Makes Dirty Words Sound Pretty

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I opened the door to my work. “Hi Shelly,” I said to one of the receptionists that connected all the callers to their entertainers. “How are you today?” I flashed her a smile. I was in an exceptionally good mood today. It as Friday night. Friday was the night we got the most calls and that meant the most money. More money meant paid bills and an increase in my college savings.

            She smiled back, waving a perfectly manicured hand. “Hey, sweetie. I’m doing just fine.” She replied with her thick southern accent.

            I headed down the hall passing rooms of all my co-workers who were also my closest friend. Most were older than me—actually, I was the youngest worker there. At first they were a little uneasy about having a high school girl working for them, but I was eighteen. And according to our boss, Paula, I had ‘a voice to die for.’

            I opened the door to my very own office. It wasn’t exactly nice but it was better than any other kid my age was in. I would put money on it that I was the only one who had their own office. I liked working in an office so much better. If you worked at home, you usually got the callers with insanely weird fetishes. Even though they let me work in the office, no way would they send me home give me all the freaky fetishes to work with.

            I glanced at the phone on my desk and hesitantly picked it up. It connected me straight to Shelly. “Alright, Shelly, I’m ready for one of my customers.”

            Shelly cleared her throat. “Alright, looks like we have a couple special requests for you.”

            “Really? How many?”

            She paused, humming a little. “About ten.”

            “That’s a new record!” I cried, a little too excitedly. “Send me one of them.”

            “You got it, honey.” In the background I could hear the noises of her fingers typing away at her keyboard. “Alright, I’m connecting you to line six. He likes ‘the girl next door’.”

            I took a deep breath, getting into my ‘girl next door’ persona. She went by the name of Caroline. There was a beeping noise and I was connected to the line.

            “Hello, you’re speaking with Caroline and I’m going to be your entertainer tonight.” I said, trying to keep my voice steady and sweet. It was a lot harder than it seemed. It was like being an actress, but over the phone.

            “Hi Caroline, it’s Shawn.”

            “Shawn, it’s been a while.” I said with a little laugh.

            And this is how it went for a long time. Every day it was the same thing. I’d go through so many personas: Lucy Love, or just Lucy, my southern belle persona. Giselle, my French persona, and a lot more.

            By now I was pretty exhausted. Faking an orgasm was a lot of work after a while. It got kind of boring. “Alright Shelly, send me my last call for the night.”

            She clacked her tongue. “Alright…let’s see. I’ll transfer you to line three; this one is an open preference. I figured I’d give you something easy.”

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