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    First of all I had tons of fun talking and working with TyTyEngelman! She rocks! As most people TyTyEngelman has AMAZING awnsers and well how bout you check out her AMAZING awnsers!

Why did you choose your user name???

Well, To answer your first question, my username is my facebook name, but i chose it, because my nickname is Ty, but somepeople call me Tyty, because its a lot easier and Engelman is my last name.

Who are some of your favorite writers on Wattpad?

Some of my favorite writers, (on wattpad) are of corse Alice3313 and SamanthaMartinez61!

 Where do you seem to get your inspiration for your stories?

I usualy get inspired by my close friends (Alice3313, SamanthaMartinez61 and MorgiCatXD!)

What genre do you like to write about the most?

The genre i write most about is fantacy, i like to write fantacys, there very fun and you can do anything you want with them.

Is there any character in any of your stories that you seem to relate to?How do you relate? And which character from which story?

 Theres not really a caracter like me, its more of what id like to be, if i was her. And it is Amanda Lilien Serten, from Cruel times.

What are some of your favorite authors that have published books?

My favorite authors that have published books, that would be a tie between stephine mayer and j.k. rowling.

What's your favorite series of books on wattpad or not?

i dont really have a favorite series of books on wattpad, i just look for talented people, that can write very well!

What's your favorite book on wattpad or not?

My favorite book on wattpad would have to be....Alice Lily Potter: I Fell in Love With my Brother's Archenemy, i think it is wonderful!

 Have you ever based a character or character's off of people you know? Which Character or characters and who were they based off of?

 Actually, i have based carecters off of people i know, to show that they are AMAZING friends, for example Luna is based off of a friend named Baley, and V is Alice3313, i entend to make more, but not yet.

 Why do you enjoy wattpad?

I enjoy wattpad, because here i can publish my books, so i know if im doing well, or writing something people like.  

Who is an undiscovered gem on wattpad you like a lot?  

Well, an undiscovered gem on wattpad would be... XxBlackRosexX33 OR SamanthaMartinez61, they are both very talented writers!

 Do you make your own covers for your books or do other people make them?

 I make my own bookcovers, but my friend showed me how.

Have you finished a story on wattpad?

No, not yet.

 What's your favorite story you've written or your writing?

 I have only written one story, so far and that is Cruel times.  

Do you have any new stories coming out? Can you give us a sneak peek?

 Well, i dont have any new stories coming out anytime soon, until i finish Cruel times, but i have desided that i will do a series!  

What would you rate this from 0-5?

 I would rate this a 5.

 Would you like to do this again?

 i would LOVE to do this again, ANYTIME!!! This was a great oppertunity! Thank you so........... much!


                                                               Thanks TyTyEngelman!

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