Dim sunlight drained in through the window, almost bleak to my eyes. For some reason, I felt different. As if a specific event has changed the course of my life. But has something happened?

Pulling myself out of bed, my eyes fell upon Liliath's picture. A pang of sadness erupted in my heart, but a small smile crept up my lips. Every single moment I think of her, just as she was and still lives in my heart today.

First, I stepped into the bathroom. Distant voices of girls came from the hall, and I remembered Emiline's sleepover. Oh yes, I can't deny my princess anything. Nor her crazy ideas. Almost laughing to myself, I shaved and wiped my face before changing.

Suddenly it struck me that it was Saturday. Well, atleast I am prepared for the day. Ambling to the door, my body froze when I touched the door knob.

All of the sudden a beautiful girl came to my side.

I shook my head in wonder. Why on Earth am I imagining such a...feverishly real experience? Perhaps because it was truly reality. Thinking back, I willed myself to step into the hallway. Emiline's door was sealed tight, hushed conversations barely reaching my ears.

"Emiline, dear!" I called out.

All activity froze, and ever so surely Emiline snuck her head out. Glancing at her, I was like melted butter at the sight of her. Just resembling her mother perfectly. This is why she is most spoiled...

"Yes, daddy?"

Humongous hazel eyes stared back at me, my knees growing weak. Already I have almost forgotten what I want to ask her.

"Please step out, Emmie."

Nervously staring back, she then took a ginger step forward, clicking the door shut behind her. I marveled her looks, just as her mother. Every breathing moment she is just as her mother. Except for personality, but teenagers shall be teenagers I suppose.

"What have I done?" She asked cautiously.

"Nothing, sweet heart. Just I had the strangest dream."

"Really? What about?"

"That late in the night, just the past one, a young girl around your age came to my bed."

"And what exactly...happened?"

Fear was written in her eyes, and all my senses scattered. Could that have really happened? For such a long time I've never even dreamed of such scandal. My baby girl would never prompt such ludicris ideas to happen, no?

"Well, she awakened me. Such a young girl, I recall. And at first she did nothing. Of course I bid her farewell, but after my words something possessed her to run quickly back and..."


"Kiss me," I stated.

Now, she looked horrified. Quickly she dismissed herself, disappearing beyond the threshold of her bedroom door. Let out a long sigh, I descended the stairs in a wry manner. What has happened? Good lord, I could get in amounts of trouble for this young girl's actions.

Pouring myself a cup of coffee, I truly pondered it. Honestly, what could have made her do that? Kissing an old man? It seems frightfully dreadful, especially for a teenager. Oh it happened, all right. Never could I conjour that happening!

Such a lovely girl, though. In the secret compartments of my mind, I truly had lust for her. Moonlight capturing that red hair perfectly. And the hollow eyes that were filled with something wild as she stared in my eyes.