I know.. i haven't uploaded in FOREVER, and I'm sooo so sorry. Bit i am dedicating this chapter to LongLiveMe because shes just really awesome, fan her! Anyway, here's chapter 26(:


 I zipped up my jacket as i walked down the street. I noticed it had gotten colder, instead of being really nice its just very uncomfortable. I kicked leaves as i walked, trying to occupy myself. Or just trying not to think about Justin.

I'm actually mad, as crazy as that sounds. Not because he kissed me. Okay kind of because he kissed me. Its just the fact that he has a girlfriend, i mean, no boy in they're right mind would kiss another girl when they already have a girlfriend.

When he kissed me, it felt like every other time i've kissed someone. I've only kissed a few other boys before, and i liked all of them a lot. But whenever i kissed them, i didn't feel anything. Just like when i kissed Justin. It just felt like, nothing.

I wish i could find a boy that when i kiss him i can feel the spark, or the fireworks, or just feel love. That's another reason why it felt wrong to kiss Justin, because i know i don't love him, let alone like him.

That's why after he kissed me i just left, I just stood up and walked away without looking back. He kept yelling my name but eventually just let me go. I've probably been walking for about 20 minutes, considering i went there on a bus i knew it would take a while for me to get home.

As i walked i noticed dark gray clouds starting to from in the sky, and 1 minute later it starts to rain. Gosh i hate rain.

I groaned and pulled my hood over my head. Soon it was pouring rain, i couldn't see farther than 5 feet in front of me.

Because of how cold it is and the rain, i was shivering like crazy.

 I kept walking not even knowing where i was going, I'm sure i can find some kind of store or somewhere i can wait for the rain to stop.

A light coming from behind me caught my attention, i looked to see a car driving slowly down the road towards me. I watched it expecting it go drive past me, But instead it came to a stop right by me.

I watched as the window rolled down revealing a smiling Ryan.

"Need a ride?"

"Nah, I'm actually having fun."

He raised his eyebrow. "Really."

I smirked. "Really."

"Okay get in, i know how much you hate rain."

I quickly got in the car, hoping he didn't mind his car being soaking wet.

"How did you know i hate rain?" I asked, buckling my seat belt.

He put his car in drive and started down the road. "I don't know, i guess i learned a lot about you when we were...closer."

Closer? What is that supposed to mean? I just dropped the subject, trying to think of something else to talk about.

"Uhm," Ryan started awkwardly, "I'm really sorry Katie, i hope you know that."

I averted my eyes away from him, remembering why i was mad at him.

"I know."

I could feel his eyes burning through me.

"Okay, well, will you forgive me?"

I looked out the window, thinking.

"Only if you promise never to prank me like that again, at least don't involve someone dieing. And me having to kiss anyone."