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The Exploration of the Male Anatomy


Copyright © 2011 Shadypalmtree- All Rights Reserved

Cover by: __Clueless

NOTE: Before you guys read this, I want you to know a few things. I wrote this in 2010 on fictionpress and decided to put it up on wattpad to protect the story from being plagiarized. I have not edited/look over a few things. So if there are mistakes (which I'm sure there is many) point them out so I can fix them thanks!

And another thing. Wattpad placed this story rated R because of the lewd language, sexual encounters. There is no sex scene, despite the rating. And only 17 years or older can read this. So please, no one younger than 17, especially 13. Save your innocence, you don't need to be reading stories like this. If you want to read it anyways, go for it, I can't stop you. But don't let this story influence your actions. This is just a fictional story. It is all it will ever be. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the story!

Chapter 1: New Chapter, New Troubles 

Cassidy Gordon kept a steady gaze on the school map she was given on orientation in one hand and in the other was her fall semester schedule. College was a lot more complicating and confusing than High school. As a starting freshman on her first day of school, Cassidy wanted to make sure it went smoothly.

Taking more than twelve credits might've been a bad decision for her first semester, but Cassidy wanted to get a head start and graduate early. She was determined, focused, and poised. This was going to be a great first day. 


Cassidy turned around and smiled as one of her close friends, Kathleen McGavin, came running up to her. She breathed heavily, wiping the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand. 

"Hey," Cassidy said, smiling amusingly. "Out of breath?" 

"You don't even know. This place is so confusing. There are so many buildings, class numbers, teachers, and students to keep track of. It's a freaking zoo here!" She exclaimed, frustrated. 

"Tell me about it." A voice commented from behind. 

Cassidy and Kathleen whirled around and spotted their short friend, Nina Ruiz. She had her binders ready in her arms and an irritated expression on her face. 

"Hey Nina," Cassidy and Kathleen said simultaneously. Nina raised her head up to them in recognition. 

"I can't believe it's the first day of school." Kathleen groaned, twirling her blonde hair around her finger. 

"Me neither." Nina groaned equally, burying her short light brown hair in her hands. "I wish it was still summer break." 

Cassidy rolled her eyes, fixing her long dark brown hair in a pony tale. "Well, I'm excited to start school. It was time that the break ended, I was getting pretty bored." 

"The only things you find exciting is studying your biology book or going to science camp." Nina retorted in distaste. 

"Hey, I met a lot of nice people at science camp and getting ahead in my biology book is the smartest way to get good grades in class." Cassidy noted firmly. "By the way, everybody does it." 

"No," Kathleen denied. "You're the only person I know that starts reading her books two months before school starts." 

Cassidy rolled her eyes. "Whatever, I'm just trying to get started with my career." 

"You're a freshman!" They both exclaimed incredulously. 

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