He has a fight with the wanted on twitter (1D Imagines...)



@TomTheWanted: @(Y/T/N) i bet i give ya more pleasure more than that Boi did 

@Harry_Styles: @TomTheWanted Sorry mate i can't hear you over @(Y/T/N) is Screaming my name with Pleasure


@MaxTheWanted: just find out your having a baby from Zayn Malik, Woow i feel sorry for u @(Y/T/N) i know how you hoped that baby was from me 

@ZaynMalik1D: yup im going to be a father now :P i bet u hoped the father was you but ill live a wonder life with my son and my wife XX


@NathanTheWanted: @(Y/T/N) just found out that you are dating that niall kid. baby i'D give u more pleasure 

@NiallOfficial: Back Off man @(Y/T/N) is happy with me and ill tell u something, you wouldn't be able to count the amount of times i fucked her 


@SiveTheWanted: @(Y/T/N) louis is still kid ,why go out with kid when u can go out with a man (ME)

@Louis_Tamlinson: @(Y/T/N) Deserves one who will treat her right unlike u , shower of cunt


@JayTheWanted: SO ur dating that liam the kid , well i bet im more hetter then him in bed 

@Real_Liam_Payne: Woow did u use even to sleep in bed Coz she lost her Virginty to me , back off man 

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