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The Winchesters, Heaven, and Hell (Supernatural fanfic)

Dedicated to
Sam's Soul in S6 <3

A/N - This chapter is edited. Not to my liking, but just so it's not as cringe-worthy. Be warned: later chapters haven't been edited.

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I look at the car, 67' Chevy Implala with wonder as I sip my red strawberry flavour slush puppie. I may be seventeen, but I'm not dumb. This car's a classic. Most of all, it's in the best condition I've ever seen one. I sigh, wishing I had enough money to buy one of them, but also knowing that I have to put up with my small, little, mini; it has everything I need to hunt with; knives, salt, guns, etc.

I stand up from where I was sitting, outside the coffee shop, and walk across the road to the shop on the other side, where beauty of a car is parked outside. It's a bar, but it does breakfast at six in the morning. At least it's better than the others in terms of efficiency. I walk in, looking around. I see the wooden bar, in which a drunk man sat, and a little girl next to her mother at the best possibile distance from him. There's another man, just sitting there. Seems like a majority of people were depressed in here. I look to myl eft, double seats that face each other with a table in the middle. My eyes lay on two men sitting together eating, one on one side, the other opposite him. I walk around, sitting behind the one with shorter hair, who looks older than the two. I pick up a menu. While I scan through the treats there, I eavesdrop. The best entertainment I have while I'm on the road, while I have no one to talk to but an angel that drops by irregularly.

❝--We need to find out what this thing is.❞ I hear the younger one say with a fair amount of determination.

❝Yeah. I know. These kids won't stand a chance with it. I mean, come on. first clowns, now ice cream trucks. What's next?❞ The older one says, sitting back. ❝Where do you suppose we look, Sam? Under a bush? 'Cause the way thing's are turning out right now, we're--❞

❝Please.❞ Sam interrupts. ❝I don't need sarcasm at this time in the morning. We need to concentrate.❞ He sighs, ❝Just eat. I'll do some research on this thing when we get back. I'll call Bobby too. We need all the help we can get; I won't let these children die.❞ he says, taking a bite of his food.

I sit, stock still. 'Did I just hear that right?' I think, 'Are they hunters?' I can't help but wonder. I sigh, and get up, walking around to stand at their table. They look up simultaneously, surprise plastered on their faces.

❝Sorry, who are you?❞ Sam questions; his voice... sweet.

❝I'm Louise.❞ I say, desperately trying to thin of something to say. I pause, then smile, ❝Hey, do you now who owns that car outside?❞ I ask, pointing to the 67' Chevy through the window.

❝It's mine. Why?❞ The older one speaks up, glaring slightly.

'This is so ironic...' I think, then shake my head. ❝It's a great car.❞

❝Okay...❞ He replies, looking towards Sam, exchanging a look that clearly shows what they think of me; that I'm weird. Strange. He looks back towards me. ❝What do you want?❞

I try to think of something that would hint that I'm a hunter, and something that can prove that they are too. ❝You believe in vampires?❞ I ask, looking at them. Hopefully, I asked that with a tone that suggested that I love 'Twilight', or something?

They both give me a strange look. ❝Know how to kill one?❞ The older one asks, mockingly. I smile; what luck that he asked that question.

❝Yeah. Of course. Chop off their heads. It's the only way, hell, I think you'd get slaughtered if you tried to stake them.❞ I chuckle. I note their reactions, they're both one of surprise. I bite my lip. ❝Do you believe in the supernatural?❞

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Chapter One - Meeting the Winchesters


Holland Rodenas Louise
Jensen Acklesas Dean
Jared Padaleckias Sam
Misha Collinsas Castiel
Kurt Fulleras Zachariah
Mark Pellegrinoas Lucifer
Matthew Cohenas Michael
Jake Abelas Michael
Richard Speight Gabriel
Genevieve Corteseas Ruby
Leighton Meesteras Aurelia
Eliza Bennettas Charlotte
Louis Tomlinsonas Alex
Maxi Moffatas Jeremy

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