The One to Change it All


I always knew I was different, I just didn’t know to what extent. If they didn’t want me starting an uproar, they could have just killed me. Which leaves me questioning: why didn’t they? Im no different than anyone else who had ever defied our society. But I know that this is not true.

As I stare through the mirror in the bathroom, a million thought whirl through my head. My emotions on the inside do nothing to reflect on the other side of the mirror; my expression stays tranquil. A small auburn haired girl, light grayish hazel eye, and a perfect complexion. On the outside, I look just like any other sixteen year old girl in Ningun Poder. Everyone had the alteration for the perfect skin, and the shinny auburn hair is common, but the eyes are a different story. My mom always always said that they were a unique reflection of the world going on in my head. If only she knew... 

As I pass down the street to go to my tutors house, I smile at a few people on the street and we all utter a similar greeting, “Forever Ningun Poder”. In schooling we’ve learned that our Empires name used to mean something close to “no one in power” in an ancient language, but no one understands just why. Except for me. I know that there's something that the High Ones are hiding from us. I know there must be change. And most of all, I know that inside of everyone of us, no matter how far down, there is a will for an uproar. 

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Kristen Stewartas Evelyn Caree
Josh Hutchersonas Zach Myer

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