The Summer From Hell

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One shot request from maryjane2013

Request:two Emo-ish looking red head boys in a romance

So, all I can say is that I am so sorry for the long wait, for the requester and all of you that love reading these one shots. I have just had such a busy summer and then school started again and then I have been off on vacation all week so busy busy busy. Sorry. <3

Oh and by the way, this is another one shot that could possibly be turned into a story so let me know what you think please. Some things will be taken out in the first chapter and changed if it turns into a story. This is sped up so that it doesn't drag.

Jordan-Smartalic/sarcastic boy

Vince- witty/gorgeous boy

**Sorry if this is short!!**

The Summer From Hell

Jordan's POV

"Did I ever tell you the story behind Jen and I's friendship?" The sound of my mother questioning me sounds in my ear ad I look out the car window and let out the umpteenth sigh in the past hour.

"Yes mom. Way too many times for my liking. I don't need to here about the time that you too entered a wet T-shirt contest again. I'd rather keep that out of my mind." I look over at her with a stern look and all she does is stick her tongue out at me. Yes, my mother is childish.

"Fine then. Be that way you meanie. I was just going to tell you about our last holiday trip. We met these two hot guys and well-" I put my finger to her lips to stop her as she rambles on. I already know where this story is heading to. I really, really don't want to hear about ow of her Hopkins just about as much as I don't want to hear about her last spring break.

"I swear, sometimes you remind me so much of your father that it's scary. He used to do the same thing when I would start talking too much." I watch as she faces forward and makes a right turn.

With a slight smile on my face, I turn back to look out the window, just picturing my dad in my mind. His bright smile and loud laugh pops into my mind and I feel myself growing sad for a moment.

His death had been very unexpected. A simple wrong turn and bam! He was slammed right into a tree; instant death. It's been about two years since it all has happened and I've grown to except. This is another reason why my mother insists on coming up here every year. Her, my father, and of course my moms best friend and her also now late husband used to come up here during college over the summer. My mom says that this is the one place that she always feels at home. This is her little piece of heaven.

"Well, at least we get to get away from all of the traffic for a few months." By suddenly says with a laugh, breaking the almost awkward silence that had started to form.

"I'll admit it, I do need this break from everything." She nods and as I look up I see her turn right down a narrow dirt street. Here comes the beginning of my summer.

Another ten minutes of driving and we arrive at our destination. The air smells of trees and pine needles as I step out of the car with my hands in my pockets.

I close my door behind me and follow my mother up to the front door. I watch as she sticks her key in the hole and turns the door, letting us enter into the cabin with ease.

The lake lay behind the cabin, the sun shining down on it with all it's glory. I take in the view as I stand next to my mom on the back deck with a smile on my face. Maybe this trip won't be so horrible after all.