AN: In the Multimedia, the girl is cast as Stacey. The actress's name is Emillie Marie Voe.

   I was sitting on my couch, drinking a strawberry milkshake, when my phone rang. I put down my drink on the table next to the couch and answered my phone. “Hello?” I said.

          “Stacey, you have got to come to the beach!! The waves are wicked awesome today; the perfect day to surf!” My best friend, Hope, yelled over crashing waves. I held the phone to my chest, “Mom, can I go surfing with Hope?”

          My mother looked up from the kitchen table, and asked, “Is her mom there?” I shrugged, saying, “Let me ask.” I pulled the phone back to my ear.

          “Hope, is your mom there?” I asked her. “No,” Hope replied. I turned back to my mom. “No, her mom isn’t there.” My mom paused, then said, “Then no! You’re only thirteen.” I sighed. “Hang on Hope, let me call you back.” I hung up.

          “Mom, please? We’ll only be there an hour, plus I’ll have my phone, and Hope and I know Karate,” I argued. My mom sighed in resignation, and replied, “Fine. Be careful!” I thanked her and ran upstairs to the sports room in my house, got my surfboard, and put on my swimsuit. I left the house and jogged to the beach where Hope and I always surfed on days like that.

* * *

          I met Hope at prime surfing spot next to a jetty. I sauntered up, my bare feet swishing in the powdery sand. I came to a rock, thrust my surfboard into the sand, and leaned it up against a rock among the jetty. I heard a whoop, and I turned my head.

          I saw Hope ride a nice wave all the way to shore and even jump skilfully off into the soft, wet sand. Hope was a very pretty girl. She had waist length dark brown hair that was braided down her back, pretty dark brown eyes, and a dainty pointed nose. She was wearing a blue bathing suit that contrasted to her dark Hawaiian skin.

          “Hi, Stacey! Did you see that move I pulled off a second ago?” Hope greeted me warmly. I smiled, and replied, “I sure did. How long have you been here?” Hope shrugged, “I dunno, about half an hour.”

          I walked down to the tideline to check the temperature of the water, and tripped. As I got up, Hope giggled. “OUCH!” I grumbled. I got up.

          “You okay?” Hope asked, looking down at me. “Yeah, I just stepped on this rock,” I responded. I looked at the bottom of my foot, and it had a scratch where I had stepped, and tripped on, the rock.

          As I was walking to get my board, Hope shouted, “Watch out, a jellyfish!” It was too late, and I stepped on it with my injured foot. It made a sucking sound as I lifted my foot off of it in disgust.

          “Don’t worry, Hope. It’s dead. I think some sand got into my cut. I’m gonna sit on that big rock; you go and surf. I’ll be right out.” I climbed over to where my surfboard was leaning, and jumped onto a giant granite rock that I could sit on. I dangled my legs off of it, and leaned back against the rock.

          I was sitting there, not paying attention to the tide that was rapidly coming in. Looking back on that day, if I had been on a higher rock, my life would have been normal for a little while longer…

          A wave crashed against my legs, and the most extraordinary thing happened to me. There was an odd tingling sensation, and I grew a tail! And not just any tail: a fish tail. Or better yet, and mermaid tail!

          “Hey Stacey, check out this cut a seashell gave to me-“Hope was cut off when she saw me sitting on a rock with a gleaming mermaid tail.