Chapter 12

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We all walked in the lunch room after we got our food. Then sat at our table.

Ray: TACOS!!

Prince: smh

Me: can u plzzzzz tell us what the plan is

Ray: no y'all got some big ass mouths

Me: no we don(GCO)

Daya: hey

Me: hey babe

Daya: what are you guys talking bout

Me: Jaden. ray won't tell us the plan

Daya: why do u need a plan to get jaden

Prince: because jaden is dating that new kid Roc Royal

Daya: *Bust out laughing*

Ray: What is so funny

Daya: ur clueless

Prince: duh

Ray: shut up

Daya: there best friends/brothers

Me: they're related

Prince: no they are best friends they consider theirselves brothers

Me: oh

Ray: we saw then making out

Daya: have u ever considered that(GCO)

Just then her phone rings

Daya: hello......why not.......plzzzz......fine......wait how did u know.........stalker much........yea we already know........and stop listing to other people conversations........bye

Prince: who was that

Daya: I gotta go see u after school

She got up then went to jaden and slap him

Prince & me: damn

Ray: oh hell naw

Prince: can't hit a female

Me: my girlfriend

Jaden: OWW! WTF zendaya

She leans closer and whispers in his ear. Then he whispers in her ear.

Daya: I'm sorry I didn't mean to hit it that hard. Move ur hand

He moved is hand then she rubbed it and kissed cheek.


jaden: AHHH

I jumped across the table that's when he dropped his stuff and ran I was about to go after him when daya stopped me

Daya: don't

Me: why did u kiss his cheek

Daya: because I slapped him to hard and made it feel better its not like I kissed him on the lips. And he's gay.

Me: so


Me: we're gonna talk later

Daya: yea yea yea whatever I love you

Me: I love you to

We had a full make out session till we pulled away and sat back down


I walked into the lunch room and sat at a table. I saw zendaya go over there and I read her lips she was just about to tell them so I hurried up and dialed her number before she could continue.