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Imagine.. (1D) one of the boys sees you naked


Harry: You stood in your closet, naked, trying to find the shirt that you wanted to wear with the jeans you has picked out earlier. You heard the bedroom door creak open, thinking it was Harry you asked him if he’d seen it, “babe? Do you know where that green shirt is that I wore the other day?” When you got no answer you walked out of the closet and into the bedroom where you came face to face with a very shocked Zayn."Ahh! Zayn! What the hell are you doing in here?!" you yelled while trying to cover up your exposed body with your hands. He instantly covered his eyes, "I was….um…never mind shit…I’ll just leave…” he said nervously as he backed out of the room and left. You quickly grabbed the wet towel you had thrown on the bed earlier and wrapped it around your body when Harry came running in. “Zayn looks like he just saw a ghost….what the hell happened?” he asked. You sighed and looked into his green eyes, “well…let’s just say this towel wasn’t on me when Zayn was in here….” “Wait….he saw you… naked?" he questioned as his eyes widened. "Shit…" he cursed. "It’s fine Harry…..I covered up pretty quickly, I’m sure he didn’t see much," you explained while Harry sat down on the bed. "….I’m the only one that’s supposed to see you like that," he sighed. You sat down on the bed next to him and rubbed his back a bit, "Oh c’mon Harry don’t be like this," you chuckled. "Another guy saw saw my girlfriend naked…of course I’m gonna be like this," he complained. You kissed his cheek and grabbed his hand, "Do I need to like….take this towel off to make you happy again?" you laughed. He smiled up at you, "Babe, you don’t have to do that," he kissed your plump lips and pulled away, "I’ll leave so you can get dressed okay?" He stood up, pressed his lips against your forehead, and walked out of the room; locking the door behind him of course. 

Zayn: You had just gotten out of the shower when you realized the bra and thong you were going to wear that day were still in the laundry room down the hall. You dried off quickly and hung the towel back up on its rack. Zayn wasn’t home yet so you decided to quickly go get your things naked. You left the bedroom and as soon as you turned down the hall you met eyes with not only Zayn but also Louis. You stopped dead in your tracks while Zayn’s smile dropped, instantly throwing his hands up to cover Louis’ eyes. “What are you doing?!” Zayn asked frustratedly. “I was going to get stuff out of the laundry room…” you nervously said as your cheeks turned a slight shade of pink from embarrassment. You ran back to the bedroom as Zayn brought Louis to the living room. You picked out another bra and thong to wear and got dressed before Zayn came into the bedroom a few minutes later. “Well….Louis has officially seen you naked….” he complained. “Yea, I noticed,” you replied, tying your damp hair up into a ponytail. “I can’t believe this,” he said while walking closer to you. "You can’t believe it? Imagine how I must feel…one of your best guy friends just saw my boobs.” Your face began feeling hot as you thought back to what had just happened. Zayn chuckled, “Hey! I don’t want any other guy seeing my girl in the nude…that’s only for me to see!” You walked closer to him and placed your arms around his neck, “Oh really now?” you smirked cheekily. “Yes really,” he said softly as he leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. He pulled away and gazed into your eyes, “Please don’t walk around the house naked again…unless you’re positive it’s only me here okay?” he laughed, resting his forehead on yours. “I guess I can deal with that…” you smiled as you stood on your tip-toes and kissed Zayn once more. 

Liam: It had been a very hot day, so you and Liam were spending the afternoon over at Harry’s house since he had a pool in his backyard. Harry and Liam were in his kitchen so you decided to go off to one of the spare rooms and change into your bathing suit. You stripped down completely when all of a sudden Harry burst through the door. “Ahh! Harry get out!!" you screamed, grabbing your shirt to cover up. Harry instantly turned around and ran out yelling "sorry" multiple times. Liam sprinted into the room seconds later and found you shocked, covering up the best you could with your shirt. "Oh my god, Liam I’m so sorry….I had no clue he was coming in here…" you explained as Liam walked over to you and held you in his arms. He chuckled, "love…it’s not your fault," while placing a kiss on your cheek. You quickly put your bikini on when Liam spoke up, "I am quite mad Harry’s seen you naked now.." he sighed. You walked over to where he was sitting and took a seat on his lap. "Babe, don’t be. He won’t ever be seeing me like that ever again, or anyone else for that matter….only your eyes can,” you smiled, grabbing his hand and intertwining your fingers with his. He kissed your lips before you both stood up and went out in the living room. Harry’s opened his mouth to say something, but Liam cut him off, “you better not say anything about what just happened back there,” he said, pointing a finger towards him. Harry sighed as he got up and went outside to the pool. You and Liam chuckled and shared one last kiss before joining Harry outside for a nice andawkward swim. 

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