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I never knew how bad life can get. Not until I lost something so dear, and so close to my heart. Let me tell you my story.


One day, I decided that i need to make my own money. To get away from life at home. So i figured I'd spend my days as a babysitter. I'm 15. You could say I'm a high school drop out, but if you do, well, i suggest you don't. A few months back, my little sister died. I felt useless in this world. This created many fights between my parents. My little sister, Vada, was kidnapped and murdered. They blamed each other for it. I just couldn't go back to school. She was 14, just a year behind, but she was still my little sis. So I'm living with the new neighbors. They have a 13 year old, Abby. She had always reminded me of Vada, but was never quite the same. Similar looks, different personality. She was happy and always cheerful, while Vada and I got in with a bad group. We were always just playing around and didn't take things seriously. Guess all of us should have thought of that before she died. We abandoned her, in the woods. We thought she would find her way back, but it had soon grown dark. When she didn't come back, we had gotten very frightened that she would never return and to our prediction, she didn't. After this, my parents hated my friends and I. It was stupid, i know but we didn't know this would happen. No one ever thought it would happen. So when it did, it was just shocking. I couldn't believe i basically let my sister, only 14, die. I can't say she had the brightest future, but neither did I. I guess we will never know.

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