Jeffree Star Is My Brother!? (COMPLETED!!)


Lexie's P.O.V

I ran to my car and got in.

"Hey!! I said to Daniel and Jeffree.

"Hey!! Happy birthday." Jeffree gave me a hug and started driving.

"Happy birthday! Daniel said.

"Thanks guys!!" I took a sip of my water.

"We missed you so much" Jeffree kept his eyes focused on the road.

"I've missed you too" I am so happy to see my brother and one of my bestfriends again.

We drove for about 15 minuets until we pulled up at Jeffree and Daniel's house.

"Your room is upstairs, first door on the right." Jeffree pointed to my room.

I walked up and into my room, Jeffree and Daniel following me. I opened the door. My room has purple walls, band posters everywhere, a tv, dresser, and a bed with a Black Veil Brides pillow and blanket.

"Happy birthday!! Do you like it? We tried to put stuff in it that you would like." Jeffree put his hand on my shoulder.

"I love it! Thank you guys so much." I walked in and sat on the bed and motioned for them to sit next to me

"Yay. Also we have amazing news." Daniel sat by me.


"We are all going to warped this summer!!" Daniel announced. "We thought we wouldn't go on tour for a while, but we got the call yesterday that we were playing mainstage!!!!!"

"Omg yay!!! What bands are gonna be there!?" My eyes grew wide.

"Blood On The Dance Floor, Asking Alexandria, Pierce The Veil, Black Veil Brides, and a lot more." Jeffree answered.

"I can't wait!!" I looked at my phone. 1 new message from Dahvie.

~Me, Jayy, Sally! Haley, and Jenny say Happy Birthday!!! We love you!!~

I replied: Thank you guys!! I love and miss you guys!!<3


I yawned. I'm so tired, I just wanna go to bed.

"Hey. Can we talk?" Jeffree said from the other side of the door.

"Yeah sure. Come in." I unlocked it and he entered and sat on the edge of the bed.

"What happend between you and Sabrina?" He looked at the floor, knowing I don't wanna talk about it, but he's my brother, he should know.

"She cheated on me with this chick from school. I found them kissing and turns out they have been dating for a month.... Well now its over between them." I started to cry so Jeffree hugged me.

"I'm sorry. You don't deserve that." He said.

"Whoa....everything ok in here?" Daniel walked in and Jeffree explained.

~~ Next Morning ~~

I woke up and looked around at all the posters ion my wall. Bvb, Botdf, Jeffree, Asking Alexandria, Ptv, and much more. Damn they really know what I like lol.

"Morning." Daniel said as I staggered into the kitchen for breakfast. "We are going to universal with Dahvie and Jayy today!!"

My eyes widened, and suddently, I am now awake.

"Seriously!!??" I am so excited. I havent seen them in a while.

"You already told her?" Jeffree asked staring at my excited face. I nodded.

"Sorry. I had to." Daniel shrugged and finished his breakfast.


*Ring* The doorbell rang. I walked over to it and opened the door, expecting an anoyying sales person thats gonna try to sell me something stupid. But istead, im greeted by a pinkish color haired Dahvie and a tall black haired Jayy.

"Lexie!!" They yelled at the same time, giving me a hug.

I laughed. "I havent seen you guys in a while."

"Its been too long." Jayy smiled, taking his phone out of his bacl pocket and replying to a text.

"Way to long. So how is everybody. Wheres Sabrina?" Dahvie asked looking around.

I siged and explained to him and Jayy that Sabrina cheated on me and she isnt my girlfriend or Jeffree's merch girl anymore.

"Im so sorry. You dont deserve that." Dahvie looked sad, but Jayy looked sadder. I know why too. Not too long ago, he was cheated on by his ex Daniel. Not Jeffree's bestfriend Daniel, a different Daniel. You can still see the hurt and pain in Jayys eyes.

"You ok Jayy?" I asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I guess. Are you??" He managed to crack a fake, hurt smile.

I shrugged and Jeffree and Dabiel came up behind me.

"Whos ready to go to universal!!" Jeffree screamed, and we all ran to the car. The last time I went to universal was forever ago. That place is fucking amazing.


"Thats my favorite ride!!" I said, while we got off Revenge of The Mummy (I think thats what its called)

"Yeah!! That was awesome. Lets go on-" He stopped short and stared at something. I didnt see what until I followed his gaze to Jenna and Sabrina holding hands, in line. I bit my lip to hold back tears and rushed past her so she wouldnt see me but that failed miserably.

"Hey Lexie." Sabria said as if nothing ever happened between us. Like she never cheated on me. Like we never dated, we were just equantances. I turned around and my gaze felt like it shot venom. Her eyes widened and a smirk crepped across her lips because she knew that deep down, Im hurt. Which is true. I pushed past everybody and headed straight for the parking lot, Daniel, Jeffree, Jayy, and Dahvie trying to keep up with me.

I didnt even bother looking for cars. I'll just take a chance. I dont fucking care about anything anymore. I just wanna go home and pretend like none of this never happened and just forget everything, but sadly that isnt possible., I almost made it across the street to our car, when something hit me. I heard screaming and I tried to stay awake, but its no use. Everything blacked out.


Jeffree's P.O.V

"Why havent the doctos told us anything?! Its been 3 fucking hours!" I started to panick. What if she isnt ok?

"I know. When can we see Lexie. I hope she is ok." Daniel


"Mr. Monroe?" The doctor car over to us with a clipboard and he looked stressed.

"How's Lexie!?" I shot up out of my seat and the doctor flinched.

"Well.....she'll may not live." He tucked the clipboard under his arm and all of our eyes widened.

"WHAT?!" We all screamed.


A/N: ok so I know that most Fanfics have a hospital scene and shit, but I ran out of ideas lol.

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