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Louis: You come home, ready for the fight. Lately, you and Louis have been fighting constantly. And the news you would have to deliver soon, was hopefully going to save this relationship. “What’s this?” He barks, as you walk in the door. In his hand, you see that little white stick you peed on, just days earlier. “It’s a pregnancy test.” You smile slightly. “Please tell me this is a joke.” Your eyebrows almost hit the messy bun on your head. “UHm, that’s our child you’re talking about.” You snap. He snorts. “You would do something like this.” “What do you mean Louis?” You ask, majorly confused. “You got pregnant just to try and keep me around.” You stare at him. “Excuse me? What kind of gold digging bitch do you think I am?!” He pulls out his cheque book. “Here. A cheque for $10,000. Raise the kid.” And with that, he pulls a suitcase from the closet and leaves.

Niall: “(y/N), your phone went off!” Niall calls, being quite friendly. You certainly cannot get your phone right now since you’re elbow deep in raw meat, attempting to make supper. “Read it for me please babe?!” You ask. You were so happy you and Niall were getting along today. For the past 2 months, you guys had been at each others’ throats. He’d been in and out of the studio and was quite temperamental and since the album finished today, he was feeling better. “It’s (Y/F/N). She says..” he trails off. You hear him get off the couch and come storming into the kitchen. “She says, ‘congrats on the pregnancy. When are you telling Niall? You said he’d been off lately. Hope you sort things out. Love you.’” He slams your phone on the counter. “Pregnancy?” You bite your lip. “Niall.. I was gonna tell you sooner… But yeah… I’m pregnant.” You sigh, trying not to look at him. Things were just getting back to normal, you didn’t need to rock the boat. “This is so like you. Things are just getting back to normal, and the album is coming out. And now you obviously chose to shake things up.” You scoff, “Like I chose to get knocked up.” “Well, you can’t prove you didn’t.”

Liam: “Liam, I know we’ve been fighting and stuff lately but I have some news. It’s gunna turn things around!” You almost squeal into the phone. “What’s up?” Liam asks, an excited edge in his voice. “I’m pregnant!” You giggle. “Of course….” He trails off, chuckling darkly. “What do you mean Liam?” “We’ve been fighting to much, you’re scared I’m gunna leave you.” He explains, a strange edge to his voice. “I’m always scared of that Liam! I was just a fan until we met! There are so many other girls who would be better than me. But I didn’t get pregnant just to keep you around!” “Call me back when you’re tired of lying. Then we’ll discuss what we’re doing.”

Zayn: “You’re eating more than usual. Even though you were sick yesterday.” He comments. You shrug, not wanting to talk about it. “Are you okay?” “Are we even talking?” You counter. He sighs, “Of course we’re talking. It’s just a rough patch.” “A four month rough patch?” You whisper. He nods, playing with your hair. “Now, what’s up with you?” “Zayn, I’m pregnant.” You blurt, wanting to make it special, but failing miserably. His hands freeze on your hair and drop to his sides. “Don’t say things like that.” He whispers, almost appalled. And before you can say another word, “Don’t pretend to be pregnant to get through this rough part.” You stand up, “Zayn, I’m not pretending. I promise.” “No. No, you… You must’ve done this on purpose.” He says, making your eyes water. You touch your stomach. “Zayn, our child..” You cry. “your child.” He says, walking away.

Harry: “So apparently you’re pregnant.” Harry laughs as you answer the phone. “W-what?” You ask, shocked at the statement and his cheery mood. The combination of the tour and the music video were stressing him out. He laughs, “The media love!” “You seem happy.” You comment, ignoring his ‘joke’. “Yeah I am. I finished up with the Best Song Ever video and I get break soon to spend with the best girl ever.” He chuckles. When you’re silent, you can almost hear the frown in his voice. “You’re not laughing. Usually my lame jokes make you wet yourself…” You shrug. “Just not myself.” “Talk to me love.” “I’m pregnant.” Silence. Absolute silence. “This doesn’t change anything.” He says, and you assume he’s referring to the amount of fighting you two have done lately. “I’m not trying to change anything Harry. I’m just being honest.” “Well, honestly, you’re doing this to get attention. To win me back. Sorry sweetheart, I’m not a prize.” You can feel the red hot anger from him as the line goes dead. Dial tone is like a shot in the stomach.

Credit To: ships-prefs-imagines-1d.tumblr.com

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