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Sir Highness Your A**, You Are My Mate


The Pictures on the side are Alice, Casey and Becca!!! I got the cast for them too :)


Chapter 1:

Music was my getaway. Dancing was the language I was fluent in. But in a tiny car, one can only wish they had a stage to show it all off.

I wiggled a little, nodding my head to the music that was playing in my cousin, Alice’s car. She only gave me a sideways glance, before turning her blue eyes back to the road.

The city buildings turned all too quickly into lush green trees and cabins that reminded me of the town I was born. The fences that kept horses and cows in their place didn’t exist out here, only forest that hid buildings very well for the safety of our people. There were a set of gates around the Ravenswood County that had state of the art security, and as we passed by, both Alice and I had to show our tribal tattoos, as werewolves stood on both sides of the car.

The tall, dark haired guy that examined my tattoo- a black wolf with its snout up, outlined in an electric blue, the color of my mate’s eyes, that lay on my wrist- gave a small chuckle, before shaking his head as if to get rid of a funny thought.

They let us through, looking with their excellent vision in the back seat to see if there were any hitchhikers, and the iron gates slid closed behind us, before we got swallowed up by the green foliage.

“Ravenswood territory.” I said, leaning back in my seat even farther. The gates protected us, everyone part of the pack inside it. It was 50 km across either way, with the town in the middle and the pack houses to the North, their backyards lining the wall.

The forest started to thin considerably, and instead of harsh gravel, smooth pavement led the rest of the way to town.

“Any new clubs in town?” I asked. Last I remember, the only place anyone went was Disc City, a small club that let in any wolf the ages 13 and up. It served alcohol, but of course everyone knew each other, so little wolves didn’t get away with anything.

“Same as ever, Becca.” Alice told me, giving me a small smile.

“Of course.”I nodded. The place I’m forced to live is boring as ever.

Alice Greene was only a little more than a year older than me, just turned 19, and was in her first year of healing at the Ravenswood Hospital. She had dark blue eyes framed by glasses, and cherry red hair, with a small nose, a small piercing on the side. Her ears had four earrings on each, and she was tall and skinny, with great curves.

I was happy to be living with her, as she was my best friend since I was little, and she had no mate yet either, and by her tattoo, he wasn’t in our pack. No Ravenswood wolf had yellow eyes, it was certain, as our decadences had blue and green eyes. Most wolves were also in-pack mated, meaning their mates were another Ravenswood wolf. It was rare to have any other, but even then… no yellow eyes.

Alice turned at the first stoplight in town, which made me sigh in relief. I didn’t want to see the town yet. What if I recognized someone? What if someone recognized me? I wanted to put off seeing everyone again as soon as possible.

She took us down a dirt road to the East part of the County. This wing of the gates was for the important pack members. Besides the Alphas, beta and third in commands, as well as their families and staff, of course. It has held our family for generations, and consisted of the healers, teachers, and the fourth to eighth in command. It always has. And once I turn 18, I’ll have to either become a healer or teacher, like Alice, or continue down the fourth in command train my family has had for a long time, unless I find my mate.

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Chapter 1


Nina Dobrevas Becca Greene
Ian Somerhalderas Casey Ravenswood
Ariana Grande as Alice Greene
Chas Michael Collinsas Duke Ravenswood
Cam Gigandetas Charlie Grayson
Tom Wellingas Hale Phillips
Anna Popplewellas Katarina Velour
Emma Watsonas Shanie Ravenswood
Kendall Nicole Jenneras Kellan Wilson
Paul Wesleyas Jordan Smith
Taylor Swiftas Holly Forbes
Bridgit Mendleras Jasmine Taylors
Colton Haynes as Nathan White

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