Dominant Desires [BDSM] - Mollydx3

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"I am your Dom. You are MINE, Sasha. Do I make myself clear?" Jaxon loudly orders me to answer him while slowly walking around me, circling me like a dangerous predator is hunting his prey. But I can't find it in me to say a single word, because this is my first time of submitting to this breathtakingly handsome and intimidating man and I've never been so terrified in my life. "ANSWER ME!" He demands with rage. I gasp for air to enter my lungs. "I, I, I'm... yours." He brings his hand down hard and spanks my ass hard, an involuntary moan leaving my trembling lips as I flinch from the harsh pain. "What?" He demands for me to answer him correctly, twirling his fingers in my hair and firmly yanking it back, giving him full access to my throat. "I'm yours, SIR." I give up in a whisper to him as a soft whimper escapes from me, pleading with him to pleasure my body that is now suddenly desperately aching for his touch. His eyes turn dark and they become guarded, coated with an emotional pain that I'm not informed of, but so much lust fills them. This is Jaxon Edwards behind closed doors. This is his life. And now... it's mine. "You belong to me, Ms. Pierce. Nobody else will ever have you again. Your heart, soul, and body are all mine. And ONLY mine." Sasha was the girl who had a perfect life until a tragedy took place and she lost her parents, changing her life forever. She lost her self respect and trust in love and happiness. Now living in an apartment with her friend she's living the hooker way of life, selling herself on the corner of the city. One night she comes across a man and he is not what she expected. He is handsome, wealthy, and everything about him draws her in. When he offers her money to stay with him for three months to pose as his 'fake' fiance to his family, what will she do? And to top it all off, what will happen when he pulls her into his dark and torturous secret lifestyle of her accepting to be his Submissive while he is her Dominant?

Dominant Desires - Mollydx3