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Dessy's Hell Trip...

Dedicated to
my legs who survived the deadly "walk...

ok ppl..... :c dessy is back...alive? i dont think so! T-T im in freaking pain! i freaking call this school trip a child abuse trip!! waahhh!!! *rips hair outta head* !!!!!!

sorry did i scare u guys there? mebe i overreact to much? naah! it was rlly horrible...

ill tell the story, thought if u guys dont wanna know wat happened then i suggest u guys dont read on o.O i mean wats so fun in reading how they "abused" me.....(see im gd at overreacting) ok since i didnt see my baby (laptop) for a whole freaking week i feel like typing for a long timee~!

I could make some type mistakes cuz im typing way to fast and to tired to check it...soo sorry..ill do it another time?...

(dessy's hell week) *clears throat*

well first i had to wake up at 5:30 am o.O needed to be like ready freddy...if u get wat i mean, so i was like zombie tired walking to my aunts house who was gonna ride me to school


so there i was in the bus waiting till it would leave, my mom was standing outside waiting for the bus to leave (yeah im a momys girl). suddnly i rembemed that i didnt had my healt pass (pass that if u have an accident that it wont cost millions of money) so me banging (<--- sounds weird) on the window with my panic face on and my mom shooting me one back, me yelling "my pass!" and she understood right away (luv her for that) so i stood up en wanted to get outta the bus...but retarded driver started to drive away so my mom and i shared a more panicked face while staring at each other like byebye healt pass....

soo i came there it was like a freaking small house and the room where i was in was like a freaking prison..(shared a room with 1 friend) kinda friendless...or lets just say my friends dont go to the same school..anymore >.> anyways, it was dark wen we came there so we had dinner with this horrible veggies soup..with no meat in it -.- *gags* so me didnt eat and starved then they forced us to go take a "walk" to town so i thought walk? sure why not :) well i thought wrong...who the fck calls 2 hours walking up a hill with rocks a freaking walk? o.o in the DARK! im telling ya..i forgot the count how many times i fell..later my legs were dead from falling so much that a teacher had to drag me up the hills -.- how embarresing (cant believe im telling u guys this) so finally the walk of death was over and i could peacefully take a nap at me "new" crappy bed.. -.- ill leave the details out of it..

so they woke us up early :) (-.-") and guess wat we were gonna go do?.... :D yeah! nice guess~! "walking"... hell no that i was gonna fall for that one...sadly i did -.- hate myself...but that stupid bitch- teacher forced me we walked for 2 hours again..yay...

so i was walking and it was hot so i took my jacket off, but stupid me forgot i put my cell in my pocket of my jacket fell out of my pocket..and i didnt notice T_T yup i freaking lost my cell without finally wen i noticed that i lost my cell i was already at the end of the "walk" and i turned on my heel raging and cussing and going mad, then i saw 2 teacher behind us who were stalking us the whole way, so they asked me what was wrong and i was like *sob* i freaking lost my phone! (i so didnt care i had a big mouth to a teacher atm) so they had this grin on there faces, i swear i could scream at them asking what the fck was funny but i controlled myself, so later after watching me with amusement they finally said "U know....we found ur cell :) " and i was like O.O say waaaat? so they told me they found it at the beggining on the ground on some there is some damage on it...but as if i care! i got my baby back!! and my baby had my baby on it! (with the sec baby i mean rain) cuz all my freaking kpop and other songs and pic and bla bla bla were on it... so yh they cept my phone, knowing i could lost it again.. >.>

so finally i arived at this biggg moutain after that loooooong walk... and then they freaking expect me to climb a freaking mountain O.O im afraid of i was like hell to the no im gonna do it...every1 annoyed with me for not going (not that i cared) so every1 was giving me a hard time by saying how they climed it and how fun it was and that the ppl that didnt go were pussies (i was sitting behind the person who said that..)

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Dessy's Hell Trip...

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