upside down (1D adoption fan fic)


I walk back into the orphanage and see someone who I haven't seen in a long time.

"JAKE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?" I ran up to him squeezing him.

"well my dad gave me up. said I wasnt good enough to be his son. but sky what are you doing here..wait...they...I'm gonna kill em!" he yelled

"no its fine. I knew it would happen. but Jake you are good enough, to be anyone's son. I'm sorry." I say


its been a week and guess what. Jake was adopted he didn't want to leave me but I made him. oh and I dyed my hair back to brown. but that doesn't matter I'm gonna say good bye soon. I'm gonna kill myself. I just give up now. I'm simply tired.

I walk up to my bathroom its 8 am. I have a knife in hand and im sitting on my bathroom floor I bring the knife up and stab myself.

I start to get dizy everything us spinning I see Alex and Jake and Sam. I see beau and jai and Luke and James and skip. I see my so called dad and mum. I see Noah.

there's colors everywhere. the last thing I say before the darkness takes over is "I'm gonna be free now...goodbye world."

its over peoples so sad but the sequels coming don't worry. vote people vote. I'll update when I pick a winner and do other stuff.

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