The daughter of Sirius Black (Harry Potter fanfic)


"REMUS!" I yelled as I hopped out of bed. "IT'S TIME TO GO!" I found him in the kitchen. "Why are you yelling Lizzy?" He was wearing his ratty old cloak. My cat was purring around my legs as my midnight black owl screeched. I smirked and grabbed his arm. We apparated to the Platform 9 3/4. Oh! I forgot! Remus is becoming a professor! I literally dragged him on the train and once we were settled down he fell asleep. Poor guy. The full moon was in a couple of days. My small white and black kitten, Delilah, was fast asleep next to me. My owl on the other hand was whooting. "Regulas! Shut up." I named him after my dead uncle. He decided to give me the silent treatment. Real mature Reg. All of a sudden three kids came in. "Can we sit here?" the red head asked. "Only if you tell me your names." "My name is Hermione Granger, that's Ron Weasly and that is Harry Potter. Who are you?" the girl asked me as she sat down. "Oh, I'm Lizzy Black." They all looked at me in horror. "As in Sirius Black?" I narrowed my eyes and said, "That's my father you are speaking about. Anyway that's my godfather Remus Lupin. Although now he is Professor  Lupin." All of a sudden the train stopped. It went cold and I whispered, "Dementors." I took out my wand as one of them entered. "Sirius Black is not here. We are not hiding him. Leave." The dementor didn't leave. I sighed and said "Expecto patronum!" My patronus is a black dog. The dementor left and I saw Harry lying on the floor. Remmie was awake and giving Harry chocolate. "I'm sorry for snapping at you. Lets start over. I am Elizabeth Lilia Black and if you call me Elizabeth I shall curse you." I said as soon as Remus left. The others nodded and we all got to know each other. Once we got to Hogwarts I went into the carriage. "What are those pulling the chariot?" There were horse like things. the others looked at me weirdly so I dropped it. I HAVE TO BE SORTED! I lined up with the first years and a Professor called my name.  looked a lot like my dad so everyone started whispering. I sat down and the hat was on my head. "Another Black? I know! GRYFINDOOR!" I smiled and sat with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Twins came up to me and said "Hi, I'm Fred and this is George. We like you so would you like to help us do pranks?" I giggled and nodded. The sorting was over so I ran to the common room. I saw Delilah and Hermione's cat, Crookshanks, cuddled together. It was so cute! I skipped dinner because I don't eat very much. So I looked over my schedule and played with the two cats. I got tired so I went up to my dormitory and fell asleep.

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