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Carter (Austin Mahone Fanfic)


Is that a knife in his hands? Holy freaking shit.

He is going to kill me.

I stepped backwards, trying to increase the distance between him and I. Who is he? I have no idea.

It was nine thirty at night and I was at the mall with some friends. Well, was.

We got into this huge argument and it basically blew up. They left me here. It's after closing time so it's very dark and deadly silent.

I need to stay quiet.

Oh my god, why me? Will I die so young? There were so many things I hadn’t done yet. What about my mom? Dad? Oh god.

He hasn't seen me. He doesn't know I'm here. I just need to make an exit.

I looked away for a split second. In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

“Don’t move.” He said in a dangerous, gruffy voice. His voice sent shivers down my spine. I couldn’t see his face because it was too dark and there wasn’t any lights on. There was a cold, metal blade being forced upon my neck, sending pain to coarse through my body.

"What did you see." His voice was like toxin running through my ears. "N-No-Nothing.." I stuttered badly in pure fear. "Mhm." He breathed down my neck.

The only light was the moonlight shining through the window, it shone right where we were.

He took the knife away but I still could faintly feel the blood dripping down my neck to my chest.

I heard a footstep, and it was his. He circled around me. I faintly saw his features with the limited light source I had.

He had a locked jaw. Brown hair that curled ever so lightly. Light glistened off of his lip ring. His toned, tattooed arms were locked firmly by his sides.

His hands found my waist and pulled me to him. I was shocked by his gentle touch.

"What's your name baby girl?" He said softly.

Should I tell him a fake name? Would I be put in danger if I do?

"Chloe." I stated. We were in a sea of tension and I thought I was going to drown.

"Well Chloe, I think we are going to become very close, you and I." He slyly said.

I stepped back and he stepped forward.

"Don't you move, bitch!" He shouted, causing me to flinch.

Why me. Why here. Why now. Why.

He came to me and violently grabbed my wrist. "Ouch! Shit.." I mumbled to myself.

"The fuck did you just say?" He said calmly despite his word choice. I heard the click of his knife and my heart stopped. No words came out.

"Thought so." He said. He pulled me by my arm, not loosening his grip, throughout the store to what seemed to be the back.

"Boys!" He called. The lights flickered on and I squeezed my eyes shut.

As weird as it may seem, I somewhat convinced myself that if I were to look him in the eyes, I would turn to stone or something. As unrealistic as that may sound.

Someone made an obnoxious whistling sound. "Damn Carter. What did you bring in today?" A voice said.

Carter. His name is Carter.

"Found this little slut in the shop." He said. I felt a hand run up my leg.

"Don't fucking touch me. I'm not a slut!" I snapped, regret washing over me immediately. I could almost feel his temper rising and his breathing getting ragged.

He grabbed each of my arms and pulled me right up to him. His uneven breathes landed on my lips.

"Yeah? Well you're my slut now." He laughed and it sounded almost evil.

My eyes widened, putting the pieces together. Is he going to r..ra...

I can't even say it.

I shook with fear. My mind told me to open my eyes, and I did.

Carter, I believe was his name, was a mere foot taller than me. His toned features stood out. He wore a black beanie and his curly hair poked out of the sides. His arms were sleeves of a bunch of tattoos. I looked up at him but his mysterious eyes were covered by dark sunglasses. That left me wondering.

It stayed silent and a bunch of things ran though my mind.

What do I do?

Become a ninja.

Shut up.

Act like you know karate.

Oh, yes! No! He has a knife and god knows what else. He'll kill me!

Well then sweetheart. RUN!

Instantly, I made a run for the exit. I pushed the heavy door and was slapped by the cold air. That didn't stop me from continuing.

“Stop bitch. Where are you going?” He shouted and I could hear him running behind me. I ran as fast as I could.

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